Buen Viaje

Teatre: Casa de cultura de Girona, sala: Aula-A

Día: 7, Mes: 11, Hora: 15,

Programa: Videoclip,  Categoria: Videoclip, Durada: 3 minutos

País: BARCELONA Spain, Director: Marc Lesperut

Web de la pel·lícula: https://vimeo.com/361275281



Dirección: Marc Lesperut, Guió: 1, Fotografia: Dani Burgos, Arte: Blai Carriet, Muntage: Óscar Pérez, Música Anni B Sweet, Repartiment: –

Informació sobre el director:

Born and raised in Barcelona, Marc Lesperut has created a personal approach to storytelling. His eye for composition, color and aesthetics always creates a delicate balance that captivates the audience.
With a degree in art direction for film and Interior Design at NYSID, his work radiates originality and sensibility. Marc is Currently working on advertising campaigns for a wide range of production companies around the world as well as directing music videos for acclaimed artist.



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