Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Teatre: Fundació Valvi, sala:

Día: 03 al 06, Mes: 11, Hora: 18.00_a_21.00,

Programa: Videocreació,  Categoria: Videocreació, Durada: 2 minutos

País: St. Louis, MO USA, Director: Bianca Malcolm

Web de la pel·lícula:

Sinopsi: A celebration takes a dark turn.


Dirección: Bianca Malcolm, Guió: , Fotografia: Bianca Malcolm, Arte: Bianca Malcolm, Muntage: , Música , Repartiment:

Informació sobre el director:

Bianca Malcolm hails from St. Louis, Missouri, the murder capital of the United States. The daughter of average urbanites, she found escape from the crushing violence of early-90’s America through the horror films of Wes Craven and John Carpenter. Inspired to become a rule-breaking screenwriter, she dedicated herself to learning the rules so that she might break them more fully and artistically. To this end, she earned four degrees in science fields, including a Ph.D. in Epidemiology, then took a slave-job as a Statisitician at the CDC to repay monumental student loans, before finally turning her attention to screenwriting, hand-scribing her first feature-length screenplay, WITCH SPELLS KILL, during slow periods of analyzing data. That little script about sorority girls being menaced by mass murderers and a finicky spellbook turned out pretty great and got her into film school at Ohio University, where she made stylish and frightening films and earned a MFA in Film Production. Then COVID-19 hit and crushed her dreams of moving out to L.A., so she had to move back home to wait out the pandemic and find another soul-crushing job crunching numbers. But, she’s still writing!



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