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Donations are in cash and cash.
- Tax relief.
* In case of natural person: el 95% of € 150 and the 50% of the rest.
* In the case of a legal entity 35%.

- Name holder * BUSINESS VIP *

Season tickets for the cinema (reserve seats or enter until exhausting capacity).

- Cocktail inauguration and closing.

Dinner with artists and organization.

To be part of the Board of Sponsors of the Festival in order to improve the project, providing ideas, proposals and funding.

- Brand and product presentation a
* Photocall
* Web.
* Screening 'spots advertising 25 ”on the cinema screen and on the web screen.
* Presentation of your brand at the festival and / or at international activities.

- Photographer. Rexport of the brand presence.
- Press officer.


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Independence Square, 10

17001 Girona

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Tel. 679 638654 Bel Mateu

bel @ filmfestival .com

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