Business Advertising Sponsorship

Tax relief.

Presence of the brand in:

- Photocall.

Web, sponsorship page.

Cinema screen.

Identifier: *BUSINESS*

Festival bag

Two season tickets to enter the cinema (until capacity is exhausted)

Cocktail opening and closing with the artists and organization.

BUSINESS * 150 €, real cost € 7,50 (or € 97,50 for legal entities).

* The brand (logo) is disseminated on photocall, web, flyer, cinema screen.

BUSINESS ** € 500, real cost € 182,50 (or € 325 for legal entities).

** Dissemination of brand and product in 25 ”commercials on the cinema screen and on the website screen.


Image of the inauguration of the 30th Festival



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Independence Square, 10

17001 Girona

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Tel. 679 638654 Bel mateu

bel @ filmfestival .com

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