Noel Díaz and Claudio Moreno | Mexico | 15'

WRITER. Rancho | EDITOR. Ludy Patián | CAST. Valeria Vera, Sergio Dávila, Andy Echeveste, Frodo Naranja and Iztayul Zamudio

Ana and her team of firefighters receive an emergency call, a man has been locked in a bar's cellar. What they do not know is that this winery will be a direct door to hell.

Emilie Janin | France | 17'

WRITER. Emilie Janin | PRODUCER. Amélie Quéret | CAST. Madeleine Baudot

Blandine works at a factory where they are stuffed. To avoid monotony, dream of a fantasy world where you attend unhealthy boos. After a meeting with his boss, his world collapses. However, you will not be discouraged ...

Adrià Exposed | Sant Dalmai (Girona Talent) | 11'

WRITER. Adrià Exposed | PRODUCER. Xixe Chen | CAST. Guille Coca

How do you feel when someone near you dies? How is the mourning experimented? Even if it generates such pain, is not death the most necessary in our lives?

Adrià Llauró | Figueres (Girona Talent) | 7'

WRITER. Adrià Llaurò | EDITOR. Fran Bafaluy | PHOTOGRAPHY. Christian Kan | MUSIC. Fran Bafaluy | PRODUCER. Adrià Llaurò | CAST. Eudald Font i Adrià Expósito

Marc, like every weekend, goes to the house of his best friend to watch a football match. But this time it is different, a finding will make you look at your friend with other eyes.

Mohammad Bahkshi | Iran | 15'

WRITER. Mohammad Bahkshi | PHOTOGRAPHY. Medhi Amiri | MUSIC. Behnoud Yakhchali | PRODUCER. Nima Rabiei and Saba Hamzavia | CAST. Ebrahim Amoure, Yasamin Solhi, Hamed Nadri, Naeem Sheikh Mahboubi, Mehdi Hosseini and Mohsen Dadash Zade.

A group of Arab refugees reach a border with an English-speaking country and can not continue. Every day they come into conflict with the border soldiers until a deaf-mute boy becomes the link for better communication between the two groups.

Iván Zárate | Mexico | 10'

WRITER. Bernardo Govera | EDITOR. Arturo Segoviano | PHOTOGRAPHY. Omar G. Neri | MUSIC. Daniel E. Muñoz | CAST. Juan Carlo Tavera and Dayé Luna

Nicolás and Valeria enter a self-service store in the middle of a trip that will change their lives. Facing adversity with a shame-free complicity can frighten anyone, but not Nicolás and Valeria.

Camille Tello | France | 10'

WRITER. Leslie Crocquefere | EDITOR. Sandra Loterstein | PHOTOGRAPHY. Jonathan Sirvins | MUSIC. Camille Tello | PRODUCER. Camille Tello, Xavier Laurent and Aaron Bush | CAST. Xavier Laurent, Marc Duret and Benoït Allemane

Calvin comes from Totem World, where every individual has a protected animal, wherefrom childhood one learns to survive in fighting to the last breath. Wearied by a world he knows by heart, he leaves with his Totem, a lizard capable of anticipating the near future, he goes a planet called the Desert World. It is here that he crosses the road of Marcus, a Totemian who is waiting for him. Calvin decides without fear joining him. Yet Calvin has been far from suspecting what awaits him.

Iván Mulero | Girona (Girona Talent) | 24'

WRITER. El Torres and Iván Mulero | PHOTOGRAPHY. Bernat Eguiluz | MUSIC. Cyborgdrive and Ibes Magora | CAST. Tanya Quesada, Macarena Gómez, Octavi Pujades and Júlia Creus

Adaptation of the graphic novel, with his name, which tells the story of Alexandra, a teenager detained in a psychiatric mystery after killing her brother when they were young.

Ignasi Roqué | Palafrugell (Girona Talent) | 15'

WRITER. Ignasi Roqué | EDITOR. Ignasi Roqué | PHOTOGRAPHY. Ignasi Roqué | MUSIC. Carlos Coronado | PRODUCER. Ignasi Roqué | CAST. Alex Sánchez, Carlos Coronado, Àngel Bahí, Pilar Elorza, Marina Roqué, Jordi Bofill, Ann Roqué and Cristina Monge

The universe lets someone who is in a deep and dark well of an old coastal forest can call an unconscious young man.

Ángel Gómez | Girona and Madrid (Girona Talent) | 15'

WRITER. Victor GaDo | PRODUCER. Arantxa Domingo, Roberto Sanz and Nacho Guerreros | CAST. Nacho Guerreros, Macarena Gómez and Rosa Álvarez

For Sabrina, his new neighbors are a blessing. However, he will soon realize that not everything is as perfect as it seems, transforming his lonely and anodyne life into a real nightmare.

I read Star | Spain | 7'

WRITER. I read Star | EDITOR. I took it Star | PHOTOGRAPHY. Jaime Arnaiz | MUSIC. I took it Star | PRODUCER. Almudena Santiago, Nacho Adorna, Jaime Arnaiz and Levi Star | CAST. Miguel Ángel Aijón

Magic, thousand traps and a hero: Life and death in five exciting minutes.

Alberto Ruiz | Mexico | 12'

WRITER. Alberto Alderate | PRODUCER. Danna Padilla | CAST. Guillermo Ramos, Cindy Gúzman, Selene Lara and Eduardo Barrón

Someone asks a man about staying in a house. This explains the experiences lived on it and the strange being tormented ...

Marc Nadal | Spain | 15'

WRITER. José Cano and Marc Nadal | PRODUCER. Turkana Films | CAST. Assumpta Serna, Aida Oset, Carlos Reyes and Silvia Puyol

The egoism of the relatives comes to light when a Mary They diagnosed Alzheimer's disease, their illness affects their body and memory, as well as the life of their daughter Protection, which now faces an uncertain future.

Marc Gassió | Puigcerdà (Girona Talent) | 9'

WRITER. Marc Gassió | PRODUCER. Marc Gassió | CAST. Toni Soldevila, Rafa Delacroix and Àlex Guix

Jaume is hired in a new job. Your first day will have to face a strange situation.

Mateu Ciurna | Caldes de Malavella (Girona Talent) | 20'

WRITER. Mateu Ciurana | EDITOR. Laia Font | PHOTOGRAPHY. Laia Font | MUSIC. Joan Masats | CAST. Marina Ginés and Mateu Ciurana

When trying the stew that serves the cook, the only customer that sours in a solitary restaurant asks for a marriage. This impertinent proposition triggers a harassment situation that will have an unexpected turn when the waitress takes the initiative. The night will end both characters asking if everything is priced.

Pedro A. González | Mexico | 16'

WRITER. But A. González | PRODUCER. Yolanda Potts | CAST. Alberto Marnav, Jesús Manuel Martinez, Natyeli Guevara, Isabella Sañudo and Germán Campoy

The man opens his eyes, observes his world, his family, and everything around him is clean and tidy. Thank you once again for being a privileged patriot. Little by little he prepares for one of the missions entrusted by the High Minds that govern the country and to carry out his key role.

Rowena Rasmussen | Australia | 7'

WRITER. Rowena Rasmussen | PRODUCER. Rowena Rasmussen | CAST. Nancy Denis and Troy Harrison

You have dinner at home between Farrow and Zoe is presented as a much darker event. The story of love that unfold reveals the sinister beginnings of the relationship. Zoe has a plan, but unexpectedly it is at a crossroads: redemption or revenge. This film explores the different shades of distorted love ... How to blind a person, despite the dark truth that they themselves can see clearly. The disturbing reality, that love can exist even in the darkest places.

Eitan Pitigliani | Rome | 20'

WRITER. Eitan Pitigliani | PRODUCER. Giuseppe Alessio | CAST. Clara Alonso, Diego Dominguez, Filippo Gattuso, Miriam Dalmazio and Davide Dato

Alessandro is a young Italian fashion model of life that seems to have reached a deadlock, when one day, walking through the streets of Rome, it stumbles Sophia, a young woman from Argentina, from whom she desperately falls in love, from the very first moment she sees her. To love it becomes the whole purpose of your life, to the point that it seems that it will lead you to another world. When the story ends Sophia, Alessandro It is alone, face to face with reality.

Naomi Lisner | Australia | 10'

WRITER. Naomi Lisner | PRODUCER. Naomi Lisner and Derek Ersine | CAST. Derek Ersine, Naomi Lisner, Don Bridges and Gadi Kolsky

Aviva is a hungry Jewish woman who is hiding alone in the woods. She witnesses how a German farmer brutally hits his son with a stick. Aviva intends to help you know the risks if caught.

Omar Alcalá | Mexico | 16'

WRITER. Omar Alcalá | PRODUCER. Omar Alcalá and Erika Oregel | CAST. Alex Peña and Sandra Kai

Andreu is a daring and controlling family, everything in his life is in order until the electricity bill arrives, which has increased 100% since the previous time, because of this situation, Andreu decides to disconnect the Your father-in-law to lower the cost of electricity and save money, you must notify the decision to your family during dinner.

Alicia Albares and Paco Cavero | Spain | 15'

WRITER. Alicia Albares and Paco Cabero | PHOTOGRAPHY. Tänia Da Fonseca | MUSIC. Ginés Carrión | PRODUCER. Montreux Entertainment and Mordisco Films

Sergi, a kid who urgently expects a bone marrow transplant, goes out slowly without seeing complete his last will. The doctor Millán and your group of trusted doctors will do everything possible so that the child can achieve their dream.

Lluís Valentí | Riudellots de la Selva (Girona Talent) | 11'

WRITER. Lluís Valentí | EDITION. Omar Neri | PHOTOGRAPHY. Gerardo Leos | MUSIC. Miguel Fernández | PRODUCER. Esperanza Distribución | CAST. Laura Fernanda, Natyeli Guevara, Yajaira Suárez and Laura Edith

Montse and Leo coincide with the Hotel Monte Lion of León (Guanajuato), because they attend a Mayan primitive dance course. Both are sagittarius: Leo. Each one has a complex relationship with his father and they engage in complicity thanks to music, dance, alcohol and his own conflict.

Artur Baixauli | l'Empordà (Girona Talent) | 5'

WRITER. Artur Baixauli | PRODUCER. Artur Baixauli | CAST. Artur Baixauli

The robbery of a sacred relic of an Empordà town threatens to bring its inhabitants to misfortune years. The priest, with the help of the mayor, will try to save the fate of his neighbors, although his interests are very different.

Eduardo Veitez | Espnya | 9'

WRITER. Nilufer Guilher | PRODUCER. Mert Canatan | CAST. Bennu Boztepe, Ela Boztepe, Inna Bychkova and Ayşegül Aslan

Life can change from the blink of an eye, a fine line separates the sky from hell. You may never know when you have to leave your safe zone until you reach the punch and everything that was before, will point to the next minute. Now is the time to continue breathing until it becomes alive again. This is the story of a Syrian refugee girl, who goes to cross This fine line and everything that lived in his life changed suddenly.

Damiá Serra | Girona (Girona Talent) | 16'

Imad He is a young Arab man from a humble neighborhood. Today he has an appointment at Àngel's house, the son of a wealthy family who has met through an application. There they will be alone and no one should know their secret.

Deborah Hassoun | France | 12'

WRITER. Deborah Hassoun | EDITOR. Baptiste Ribrault | PHOTOGRAPHY. Thomas Rames | MUSIC. Pierre-Antoine Durand | PRODUCER. Jonathan Hazan | CAST. Sohpie De Fürst, Youssef Hajdi, Judith Siboni and Béatrice De Staël

After 6 years of analysis, Inès, of 31 years, wants to leave his analyst. When you face the magnitude of the task, you decide to get help ... ofanother analyst.

Dawn Westlake | United States | 4'

WRITER. Dawn Westlake | EDITOR. Pol Carrizo Vilarroig | MUSIC. Joan Armand Forero | PRODUCER. Dawn Westlake | CAST. Marc Carrizo Vilarroig

When one makes a leap of faith badly advised to vacuum, the body breaks. It is necessary to unite the deepest resources of the spirit to rebuild man.

Felipe Garrido | Spain | 3'

WRITER. Clara Garrido | PRODUCER. Felipe Garrido | CAST. Clara Garrido and Ana Grau

You like it or you do not like it, this is the question.

Francesc Torrents, Miki Morellón and Marina Toran | Spain | 10'

WRITER. Marina Toran | PRODUCER. Laia Solé i Estela Alcantara | CAST. Pablo Ortigosa, Laura Trenado and Andrea Palau

A mother tries to avoid, however, that her children are scared.

Adrià Llauró | Figueres (Girona Talent) | 12'

WRITER. Adrià Llauró | EDITOR. Fran Bafaluy | PHOTOGRAPHY. Christian Kan | MUSIC. Yasmina Qiu | PRODUCER. Adrià Llauró | CAST. Alicia Verdés I Carles Arquimbau

Dolors, a single mother, is driving when she receives the news that her son has been admitted due to a blow to his head. Apart from the kilometers of distance that separate it, he has to deal with his father of 85 years, who is also in the car, and who has decided not to leave home for more fast to the hospital.

José Rojo | Caldes de Malavella (Girona Talent) | 23 '

CAST. José Rojo, Joan Enric Carreras, Jennifer Viegas and Lorena Izquierdo

Xavier McGarcia | Banyoles (Girona Talent) | 8 '

WRITER. Xavier Garcia Carabus | PRODUCER. Ouellette Family i Adamss McGarcia | CAST. Alan David, Samuel Cuadra, Zoraida Segarra Yolanda Garcia

It is a brief history about a man who faces a problem of modern times.

Bernardo Rugama and Fernando Llanos | Mexico | 7'

WRITER. Bernardo Rugama | PHOTOGRAPHY. Fernando Llanos i Bernardo Rugama | MUSIC. Jessica Herreman | PRODUCER. Videofilmaciones Suadero | CAST. Pablo Esquivel, Jaime Homar García i Ranulfo Rodríguez

June 2018, two weeks after voting, a group of interest will do everything possible to influence the final result of the Presidential election.

Fran Mechón and Sandra Reina | Barcelona and Girona (Girona Talent) | 14'

WRITER. Fran Mechón and Sandra Reina | EDITOR. Elodie Leuthold PHOTOGRAPHY. Nil Santané and Ivan V. Jimenez | MUSIC. Manel Gil-Inglada | PRODUCER. Fitzcarraldo Films | CAST. Macarena Gómez, Alejandro Cano, Cristina Soria and Víctor Benjumea

Chicho i Macarena They wait, impatiently, for the arrival of their guests. The Trivial is already ready on the table, and Paloma i Miquel They seem to be the perfect opponents for an easy game to win. Everything goes on wheels, until Paloma and Miquel They get a lucky coin and start to ask questions. The tension in the atmosphere is chewed ... Trivial does not play only the game, and Macarena hates to lose

Gerardo A. Hernández | Mexico | 9'

WRITER. Gerardo A. Hernández and Joss Sánchez | PRODUCER. Gerardo A. Hernández and Daniela Pineda | CAST. Román García, Anahí Meléndez, Alejandra García, Patricio Jacobo i Fernanda Murillo

For a couple of decades the population has multiplied 10 times, the previous population and climate change are factors to think of a global purge, Alicia is a fundamental part of the survival of humanity.

Joan marimón | Spain | 6'

WRITER. Joan marimón | PHOTOGRAPHY. Elisabet Prandi | MUSIC. Aleix Pitarch | PRODUCER. Joan marimón | CAST. Marina Alegre i Nacho Ruipérez

After closing the premises, a waitress sees a strange client who asks for a certain Clara. The young man feels he will disappear and insists on transmitting to the waitress a message -melodic- by Clara.

Javier Marco | Spain | 10'

WRITER. Belén Sánchez-Arévalo | PRODUCER. Javier Marco | CAST. Pedro Casablanc

Far to the sea, a mobile phone that floats in an airtight bag starts ringing.

Jaime Khelout | Girona and Madrid (Girona Talent) | 26'

WRITER. Jaime Khelout | EDITOR. Alfonso Ruiz | PHOTOGRAPHY. Gemma Rogés | MUSIC. Marco Chaperioti | PRODUCER. Alain Hernández, Mariona Ribas, Miriam Tortosa and Jaume Solà

Amador is hospitalized. They have removed a brain tumor and the result of the surgery is not favorable. But love for his family gives him value for his struggle.

Lluís Valentí | Riudellots de la Selva (Girona Talent) | 2'

WRITER. Lluís Valentí and Anna Balbin | EDITOR. Ignasi Valentí | PHOTOGRAPHY. Lluís Valentí | MUSIC. Miguel Fernández | CAST. Pilar Dualto

Tribute to the Korean poet YI SANG where the author constructs it from a poetry that replaces the poetry of the homenajeado.

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