4'NNUMX "Times Three: Homage to an Artist and a Chair
Daphna mero | Israel | 28'

PHOTOGRAPHY. Daniel Bar | MUSIC. Lior Pinsky | PRODUCER. Daphna Mero and Yael Mero

Having a Thonet chair in his hands and with careful and careful steps, Professor Amos Hetz enters the space of the Academy of Advanced Studies Polonsky. At 83, he re-danced his movement composition "4.33", created as a tribute to the avant-garde musical piece by John Cage. Hetz is one of the most prominent students of Noa Eshkol, who created the notation of the Eshkol-Wachman movement. Like her, she is an innovative revolutionary found on the banks of the Israeli Dance. In the film, a Doco-Dance poetry that unites fragments of dance and the artistic statements of Hetz, deals with new perspectives on dance, art and the meanings we give for chairs and seated.

Ramon Paytuvi | Sant Feliu de Guixols (Girona Talent) | 5'

Balloon excursion over the valley of Goreme

Ramon Tort | Spanya | 82'

Andrea Motis It is a silent trumpeter, an alliance of difficult to combine ideas, as it goes through a world where fame is more valued than professional success. A movie about life changes, fears, contradictions and jazz, a lot of jazz.

Laura Otálora | United Kingdom | 75'

WRITER. Martí Roca i Laura Otálora | PRODUCER. Lydia Martínez

The Roca brothers embark on a new challenge: exploring Scotland. His trip will rediscover a kitchen that has remained hidden in the world during the last years.

Joan Vall Karsunke | Banyoles and Barcelona (Girona Talent) | 84'

WRITER. Joan Vall Karsunke and Laia Requesens | EDITOR. Geneva Valley | PHOTOGRAPHY. Laia Requesens | MUSIC. Dani Rifà | PRODUCER. Karsunkeaton Films | CAST. Xicu Cabanyes, Marc Estany, Vicenç Altaió, Jaume Terrades and Montse Canayes

The Girona sculptor Xicu Cabanyes bought a forest plot for more than 40 years in the municipality of Porqueres (Girona). There he created a natural environment full of erotic creations that, together with his assistant, Marc Estany, have ended up being a world away from the daily life of any worldly being. Passion and hope illuminate this space.

Enrique García | Mexico | 110'

WRITER. Enrique García | PRODUCER. Bertha Navarro

To be a student at the rural university of teachers'Ayotzinapa, or being one of these students, the father of the agricultural worker or the indigenous mother, is usually invisible. His grief and his hope made them visible and perhaps they also reminded us that we are not alone; We are intimately connected to them.

Josep Perez | Figueres (Girona Talent) | 56'

WRITER. Josep Perez | CAST. Antoni Karkowski,Ana Milovanovic, Isabel Corullón, Jelili Atiku, Anna Bonachera, Natàlia Espinet, Eliana Beltran, Ramon Guimaraes, Nenad Bogdanovic, Marina Barsy, Anna Wacker, Abel Baguena i Jesús Garcia.

The small town of Les Escaules hosts the most important encounter of interpreters that takes place in Spain: La Muga Caula. Three days where the sixty-five inhabitants of the city and their immovable rural life are shaken by the presence of a group of artists from around the world. The film is a journey into the art of action from various perspectives: Follow the passionate instructions given by the Nigerian artist Jelili Atiku to a dozen students attending a performance workshop; through the initiatory journey that one of the students, Anna, will do to get into this discipline; and with the recording of several actions by some of the most relevant artists of today.

David Sánchez| Blanes (Girona Talent) | 89'

WRITER. Edgar Massegú and David Sánchez| PRODUCER. David Sánchez | CAST. Edgar Massegú

The artist trapped in art. The catharsis ofto be stripped of everything except art, which deepens in its interior through different strata until it intertwines them as a chimeric symphony.

Roberto Menénedez | Spanya | 29'

EDITOR. Ruth Carreras | PHOTOGRAPHY. Roberto Rivas | MUSIC. Isa Suarez

A trip to the world of contemporary dance in Spain through five winners of the National Dance Prize: Daniel Abreu, Chevi Muraday (Losdedae), Jon Maya Be (Kukai Dance), Sol Picó i Carmen Werner (Dance Provisional). Through his explanations together with his actions, we see how they move, how they think, what motivates them, what their concerns and problems are, what drives them to jump to the scenes year after year and we look at the needs of people, one of the less appreciated and promoted arts in the Spanish cultural world.


Albert pons | Castelló d'Empúries (Girona Talent) | 80'

WRITER. Albert pons | PRODUCER. Albert pons | CAST. Margarita Lostau, Nanu Ferrari, Pilar Crespo i Josep Frank

Margherita live alone Due to a slight disability, he needs help from Pilar, a friend of the deceased sister of Margherita, who does homework. The love-hate relationship between us leads us to reflect on loneliness, old age, truth, the passage of time and imagination. The story unfolds through various conflicts and allegations of Pilar and a daily cryptic confrontation, which leads us to explore intimate and surrealistic moments.

Elena Molina | France and Catalonia (Girona Talent) | 65'

WRITER. Elena Molina i Laura Calavia | EDITOR. Juliana Montañés, Elena Molina i Begoña Ruiz | MUSIC. Alejandra Molina | PRODUCER. Cicely Films

Cross the Atlantic Ocean by taking an ancient French fishery in Haiti. This is the proposal that the director of the film receives, who then decides to be part of the group of volunteers who undertake this adventure: repair the Rêve of Mousse, a runner of 12 meters that European laws require to disassemble and then load it with humanitarian load and give it to Haitian fishermen. Thehope, the good intentions and the initial expectations will change during the trip as the true one Caribbean appear in front of him. An unexpected path to a hell full of good intentions.

Juanjo Valeros Mena | Girona (Girona Talent) | 62'

The 1 of October of 2017 spent very intense hours at the voting center of the Civic Center of Sant Narcís, a very quiet and familiar neighborhood in the heart of Girona. The images recorded that day together with the stories and opinions of some of the anonymous protagonists of the historical day, will help us revive the mixture of emotions ranging from joy to anger and despair.

Enzo Jara| Girona (Girona Talent) | 46'

WRITER. Samuel Casanovas | EDITOR. Enzo Jara | PRODUCER. David Fendah

It's a story told by a videographer called Enzo Rockrose, where he explains his personal experience of an incredible self-knowledge trip where he learns from extreme athletes, which really means confronting your own fears. Their protagonists teach their experiences and what it really means to live to the limit, in sports like: El Trike, diving and base jump.

Albert Esteve| Blanes (Girona Talent) | 69'

The senior masculine category of the Club de Remo Santa Cristina de Lloret de Mar, three exmembres of the team and the rudder woman, raised the challenge of covering the greatest distance in the history of the row of fixed seats. Given this goal, they left their city to face the Mediterranean Sea and the 111 nautical miles of open water that separated them from the port of Ciutadella de Menorca. In this context, we joined the training of the protagonists and the intense and intense competition of the Catalan League of Remus in which they also participated to experience the moving story of success, courage and resilience of this group of friends that is they joined to try it. complete a shared dream.

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