The private foundation "Girona Film Festival" is a NON-PROFIT entity and is classified as a cultural charity.
On May 4, 1998, the entity “Girona Film Festival” was created, a non-profit association with NIF G17556747. Registered in the register of Associations of the Generalitat (General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities) with number 3405 of the first section of the Girona Register, on November 10, 1998.
On February 20, 2012, the assembly approved the transfer of the entity to the foundation scheme with assets valued at 83.862,50 Euros. It was constituted on March 21, 2013 by the Notary José Angel Ruiz Prado and is registered in the Register of Private Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya on February 24, 2014 classified as charitable of the Cultural type.
She lives at Carrer de la Cellera 17, 17457 Riudellots de la Selva Girona. Catalonia Spain. info@gironafilmfestival.com (T) +34 633 755166. The board is chaired by Lluís Valentí Bohigas.

Prior to the incorporation of this entity, the event was administered by URC (Union of Filmmakers) association Non profit, from 1989 to May 4, 1998.


Its goals are aimed at the talent of film industry professionals, artists and students so that creativity emerges towards the noble diffusion of values ​​and deep thought.
The same talent and his work is the object of the Festival.
The cinematographic talent contains all the branches of the Fine Arts: poetry (the dramaturgy of the script), painters (photography and art direction), dance (the interpretation), music, etc., giving rise to the sectorial ones of the production cinematographic. The Festival Awards in response to the recognition of creative sectors and their inherent discourse.
This discourse must be respectful of human rights, especially in favor of the weakest sectors, respecting gender equality, race, social class, ideologies, religions, and so on. Also the sustainability of the planet.

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info @ filmfestival .com

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