30 Days A Week. 7 minutes, by Mahmood Reza Esmaili Zand. Iran

A New Kind of Ray. 4 minutes, by Emma Rozanski. United Kingdom

Anything for the ones we love. 7 minutes, by Louise Marie Beauchamp. Canada

Bat. 12 minutes, by Claudia Claremi. Cuba

Being. 5 minutes from Dusica Ivetic. Montenegro

Being and Becoming. 9 minutes, by Maite Abella. Netherlands

Buffer Zone Blues. 9 minutos, by Franz Milec. Czech

Burning the Boats. 12 minutes, by Macu Machín. Spain

Chairs. 12 minutes from Avner Pinchover. Israel

Chronos. 3 minutes from Oguzhan Kaya. Turkey

Circles of Confusion. 5 minutes, by Jason Britski. Canada

Skylight. 2 minutes, by Michael Lyons. Japan

Counting. 11 minutos, by Rahil Bustani. Iran

Deer Theorem. 7 minutes, by Yolenth van den Hoogen. Netherlands

Deternity. 3 minutes from Mersolis Schöne, Evi Jägle. Austria

Exhalation. 15 minutes from Al Díaz. Spain

Facelift. 7 minutes, by Jan Riesenbeck, Dennis Stein-Schomburg. Germany

Fine Win. 11 minutes, by Maria Shamkalian. United States

Fixing a Hole. 3 minutes, by Pierre Ajavon. France

Fluorescent. 2 minutes from Avner Pinchover. Israel

Foreclosed Home Movie. 8 minutes, by Lisa Danker. United States

Fucked Up Point Blank. 5 minutes from Shayna Connelly. United States

Girl in the Purgatorium. 6 minutes, by K. Mitchell. Australia

Ground-swell. 12 minutes from JACKS (Kelsey Kramer and Lexie Thrash). United States

Land shape. 5 minutes from Thadeusz Tischbein. Germany

Light over Jerusalem. 5 minutes from Hagit Kastel. Israel

Lilith. 12 minutes from Erofili Moraiti. United States

Machine. 2 minutes from Ekaterina Volovich. Russia

Meltdown. 6 minutes, by Guli Silberstein. United Kingdom

Moments. 6 minutes, by Shreela Agarwal. Singapore

Woman Empty. 5 minutos, by Max Larruy, Berta Blanca T. Ivanow. Spain

Natalie.D. 5 minutos, by Angele Beraud. France

Nemophelia. 15 minutes from Mirjam Dahl Pedersen. Germany

Cognition Pattern. 7 minutes, by Thorsten Fleisch. Germany

Public Domain. 5 minutes of Jason Britski. Canada

Redemption. 7 minutes, by Anthony Venezia. United States

She Who Invites. 7 minutes, by Sarah El Bakkouri. Canada

Strange Animal. 5 minutes, by Arthur B. Senra. Brazil

The bride of frankenstein. 7 minutes from Talksong LEE. Korea

The Fructful. 7 minutes, by John Collins. Ireland

The Man in the Bushes. 6 minutes, by Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket. United States

The myth of the eternal return. 5 minutes, by Sarah Ouazzani. France

The Stream IX. 6 minutes from Hiroya Sakurai. Japan

The Tasmanian Tiger. 13 minutes, by Vergine Keaton. France

Two. 8 minutes from Vasilios Papaioannu. United States

Unfold. 9 minutes, by John Graham. Canada

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