Ediciin 2019

Rahul Yadav | India | 10'

WRITER. Shruti sharma | EDITOR. Swati Jaiswal | PRODUCER. Shri Dwarkadhish Media Pvt Ltd, Y star Cine and Talevision Pvt Ltd and Manali Mishra | CAST. Shruti sharma i Rohini

She tells how a girl, instead of having an education, is walking miles from her home to school, for a living selling items in front of school.

Raymond Limantara | Sigapor | 4'

A boy and a girl struggle to paint the space, both refuse to yield until the mess they create is out of control. Then they realize that the only way out is to work together and strive for coexistence.

Jordan Damour | France | 3'

WRITER. Jordan Damour | EDITOR. Jordan Damour | MUSIC. Giuseppe Verdi | PRODUCER. Carlos de carvalho

A young musician will be performing his first concert as a violinist in a symphony orchestra, in front of the conductor and the audience. Can you overcome this fear?

Jorge Dayas | Spain | 7'

WRITER. Jorge Dayas | EDITOR. Jorge Dayas | PHOTOGRAPHY. The Smoke Machine | MUSIC. Federico Chopen and Jorge Dayas | PRODUCER. Jorge Dayas

A commuter train leaves at night from a lonely, dark station. Throughout the window different episodes take place on the landscape.

Benoît Chieux | France | 11'

WRITER. Benoît Chieux | PHOTOGRAPHY. Sara Sponga | MUSIC. Pablo Rico | PRODUCER. Ron Dyens | CAST. Gabriel Le Doze, Christophe Lemoine, Maryne Bertieaux, Bruno Magne, Caroline Combes and Fred Colas

In an attempt to share her chocolate heart with her friend, Anna ventures across a glacial forest, haunted by a terrifying bearded giant.

Sergi Gonzalez | Spain | 15'

WRITER. Sergi González | EDITOR. Juanjo Clausell | PHOTOGRAPHY. Sergi González| MUSIC. Jesús Sanz and Ángel Mena | PRODUCER. Rosario Pardo, María Pedroviejo, Ana Caldas and Rebeca Valls

It's Christmas. The Martina school choir visits the nursing home to sing Christmas carols. Martina recognizes her grandmother among the residents. Everything is normal, except for her grandmother who died three years ago ...

Ebad Adibpour | Iran | 4'

WRITER. Mohammad Salimi Rad | PRODUCER. Ebad Adibpour

A children's game, but it's not the same for everyone. Someone is at fault, but it is not a child.

Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Melanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez and Victoire Le Dourner | France | 7'

WRITER. Read Cousty | EDITOR. Read Cousty | PHOTOGRAPHY. Iñaki Gorraiz | MUSIC. Valentin Lafort | PRODUCER. Philippe Meis

A human being who lives in a world full of animals. It is her first day working as a dressmaker in a couture workshop. But instead of doing her job, she sews a costume to imitate her friends and hide their difference.

Sergei Kibus and Pärtel Tall | Estonia | 15'

WRITER. Pol Masvidal and Sergi Ricart | EDITOR. Sergei Kibus | PHOTOGRAPHY. Ragnar Neljandi | MUSIC. Mari Jürjens | PRODUCER. Kerdi Oengo

A story of freedom and compassion, set in XNUMXs Soviet Estonia, as experienced by a cat and explained by its owner. The cat Teofrastus lives homeless until one day he is offered a home, but that does not mean happiness for life.

Erfan Parsapour | Iran | 7'

WRITER. Erfan Parsapour | MUSIC. Mazyar Younesi | PRODUCER. Ali Shahdad

An animated short film that tells the story of a hungry, perfectionist and obsessive Otter who wants to live in a perfect world. A world with countless favorable opportunities to take.

Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Silva, Chan Stéphie Peang and Beatrice Viguier | France | 7'

WRITER. Mélanie Lopez | EDITOR. Mélanie Lopez and Simon Boucly | MUSIC. Valentin Lafort | PRODUCER. Philippe Meis

Finn has spots all over his body. One day, he meets a group of children with different stains and this is when he realizes that these stains are not ugly.

Step Cheung | Honk Kong | 3'

WRITER. Step Cheung | EDITOR. Step Cheung | PHOTOGRAPHY. Step Cheung | MUSIC. Raymond Lai | PRODUCER. Step Cheung

The value and happiness of people should not be built on other people. Unstable relationships cannot give you happiness and joy, just pain.

Armin Daneshvar | Iran | 3'

WRITER. Tormin Daneshvar | PRODUCER. Iranian Youth Cinema Society-Ardabil Office

A human being who, in childhood, has a friendship with a red balloon that follows him.

Zahara Alemohammadi | Portugal | 3'

It shows the childhood of the director who wants to relive the memory of the adventurous spirit of exploring the wild forest to harvest raspberries.

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