Behzad Khodaveisu | Iran | 13'

WRITER. Solmaz Etemad | EDITOR. Ismail Alizadeh | PHOTOGRAPHY. Davoud Abbasi | PRODUCER. Behzad Khodaveisu

A girl is a girl, also in Islamic countries, but is not treated as such.

Julia Pietrangeli | Italy | 38'

WRITER. Frida Aimme, Kyrahm and Julia Pietrangeli | EDITOR. Julia Pietrangeli | PHOTOGRAPHY. Julia Pietrangeli | MUSIC. AAVV | PRODUCER. Julia Pietrangeli | CAST. Sabrina Papa

Everyone knew it was impossible for blind people to fly planes. Sabrina, blind from birth, with great perseverance learned to drive. He takes us to France, where he attends a workshop organized by The Mirauds Shuttlecocks, the European Association of pilots with visual disabilities. This story goes beyond overcoming the disabilities, it is the strength of those who live up to their own dreams: there are no barriers in the clouds.

AGISAS Association | Spain | 5'

PRODUCER. AGISAS | CAST. Aitor Fernández, Maier King, Pablo Roura, Kontxi Odriozola, Xabier Elizalde, Asier Olaciregui, Andoni Goenaga, Malen Bastarrika, Andrés Francia, Olaia Altuna, Elena Echevarria, Gorka Miguel Román, Carmen Avión, Miren Merino, Fausti Naharro, Maria Ascensión Vázquez, Mª Luisa Serrano, Peru Basurto, Peio Arroyo, Mikel Rivero, Julia Lantxas, Alex Jiménez, Ana Caleya, Iker Arévalo, Alain Prieto and Aitane Izquierdo

History that tells how a woman who feels discriminated at work, repeats the story with her daughter.

GIELMAR Association | Spain | 4'

PRODUCER. AGISAS | CAST. Aitor Fernández, Pablo Roura, Maier King, Amparo Rodríguez, Andrés Francia, Kontxi Odriozola, Mariaje, Olaia Altuna, Asier Olaciregui, Xabier Elizalde, Andoni Goenaga, Jagoba Arroyo, Xabier Pérez, Gorka Miguel Román, Anamelba Mónica Mamani, Pili Jauregi, Malen Polaina, Maria Ascensión Vázquez, Miren Merino, Carmen Avión and Julia Lantxas

A story that seeks for society to be related to people with functional diversity with equality.

Mehran Mohammadi | Iran | 2'

WRITER. Mehran Mohammadi | PRODUCER. Mehran Mohammadi | CAST. Zahra Tolohie and Maria Tayfeh

A girl is walking through a traditional market among the harsh looks of people who both bother him. And he has no choice but to go ... until ...

Jared Jacobsen | United States | 11'

WRITER. Jared Jacobsen | PRODUCER. Jared Jacobsen | CAST. Michael Carnick

A man with a physical disability makes films that focus on the social aspects of a minority.

Alexandre Messina | France | 65'

WRITER. Alexandre Messina, Alexandra Lederman and Alain Miro | EDITOR. Guillaume Lebel | PHOTOGRAPHY. Nicolas Connan | CAST. Sébastien Clenet, Gilles Da Silva, Aurélien Durand, Diane Lecomte, Milán Masamba, Jean-Rodrigue N'Siete, Maxime Seené, Raphaël Sigogne, KevinVacquero, Ludmilla Brenelière, Pierre Dagnet, Nicolas Marquès, Pierre Meinvielle, Laurent Milhem, Sophie Zamaroczy, Catherine Boni, Emmanuelle Lavau, Fulgence Nadge, Pierre-Yves Navarro, Laurent Naouri, Elisabeth Pimmel and Moïsse Sauvage

Percujam It is a unique music band formed by young autistic and educators. Artists of genius, call the French and foreign theaters with a repertoire that contains poetic and militant texts. A world to discover, where work, humanism and humor rhyme with music.

Ebad Adibpour | Iran | 4'

WRITER. Mohammad Salimi Rad | PRODUCER. Ebad Adib Pour

A children's game, but it's not the same for everyone. Someone is at fault, but it is not a child.

Victor Costa | Swiss | 3'

WRITER. Victor Costa | EDITOR. Valentin Waeber | PRODUCER. Victor Costa and Carolina Costa | CAST. Tom Hudson, Jean-Baptiste Sagory and Margot Meneguz

Suicide continues to be a cause of death among young people still too important and taboo. However, each person has known from a distance and from a distance a person who has taken the step. This short film aims to make prevention directly to young people and also reach everyone to alert them about this phenomenon and raise awareness. The objective is to use artificial intelligence present in social networks, to detect people at risk and to present their video adapted according to sex and language. Here, the word to the suicide that can not return is given. But who can broaden the prospects? We hope to keep you for a few minutes and maybe a lifetime.

Alba Salmerón | Olot and Banyoles (Girona Talent) | 23'

EDITOR. Bernat de Ferrer | PHOTOGRAPHY. Lucia Ajúria | MUSIC. Jesús Caballero | PRODUCER. Lide Tellechea and Fernando Domínguez | CAST. Antònia Graboleda and Pere Ribes

Pere Ribas Olot is a boy who is fond of commenting football matches despite being blind since birth. His story became a viral thing but this documentary tries to go further, focusing on the person who has done all this, his mother, Antònia.

Pepe Sánchez | Spain | 2'

Today is the day to say NO to gender violence.

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