Raül Busquets | Blanes (Girona Talent) | 85'

WRITER. Fabián Nieto | EDITOR. Raül Busquets and Fabián Nieto | PHOTOGRAPHY. Raül Busquets | MUSIC. Fran Villalba | PRODUCER. Raül Busquets | CAST. Christina Bauer, Nanu Ferrari, Txema Lorente, Paco Moreno, José García Ruiz and Debbie García.

Nanu malvines as a traveling mime for the villages of the interior. In one of its functions on the street, a woman loses her cell phone and Nanu is left. Due to this he will be involved in a robbery committed by his companion of Perún. Both will have to contact Paco, an old friend, to help them get out of the dead end. Along the way, feeling persecuted, the claim of this unknown woman, who asks to return home, and the precariousness of their lives will lead them to a house in ruins where their existence will be trapped in a supernatural loop.

Manolo Munguia | Figueres (Girona Talent) | 105'

WRITER. Sergio Martinez and Manolo Munguia | PHOTOGRAPHY. Iñaki Gorraiz | PRODUCER. Ghostdog SL | CAST. Ruben Serrano, Miriam Tortosa, Roc Esquius, Anna Bertran, Mariona Tena, Victor Gomez, Bernat Mestre, Diana Roig, Cristina Raya and Fernando Duran.

A group of former computer University colleagues and their couples meet for dinner after several years. During supper, one of them confesses to having decrypted one of the most secret files on the Internet and shares with them an augmented reality application found within. When they all try to alter it, they will unleash conflicts and events with unexpected consequences which will be getting worse by moments.

Sergi Arnau | Figueres and Castelló d'Empúries (Girona Talent) | 80'

WRITER. Sergi Arnau | EDITOR. Sergi Arnau | PHOTOGRAPHY. Heran Yang | MUSIC. Pol Parés | PRODUCER. Sergi Arnau | CAST. Joan Massotkleiner, José María Blanco, Marti Peraferrer, Joel Minguet, Pau Barredo, Fred Adenis, Carlos Reyes, Paco Moreno, Mont Plans, Octavi Pujades, Hermann Bonnin, Pancho and Carlus Fabrega

The film deals with corruption in the high spheres, set in a carcerary drama and with a black movie aesthetics. Arnold Drexler is sentenced to 15 years in prison. In order to try to reduce his sentence, he decides to expose one of his superiors. When entering the prison, Drexler It becomes the object of all eyes. Among them, Vic, Toni and Alcaid. With a structure similar to Reservoir Dogs, during the movie we will discover why these characters were jailed and because they do not look away at Drexler.

Sandra Sàrria | Mataró (Girona Talent) | 65'

WRITER. Sandra Sàrria | PHOTOGRAPHY. Francesc Alarcón | PRODUCER. Creative Processes | CAST. Sandra Sàrria and Marta Tortosa

The protagonist of the film is transformed by the force of the art and passes a process of searching for his identity, preparing for a love that marked his adolescence, after various professional and vital disappointments. From some letters that he has been sending him in the distance, she yearns for her reunion. The film is freely inspired by the book "The construction of the character"By Constantin Stanislavski.


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