A house by the sea. 5 minutes, by Daniele De Muro. Italy

All the saints. 4 minutes, by Andrzej Mańkowsk. Poland

I still can't breathe. 4 minutes, by Eduardo Pérez Carpena. Spain

Beach pope. 4 minutes, by Carlos Lesmes. Estonia

Better Whole. 5 minutes, by Javier Lozano. Spain

Break, break, break. 4 minutes, by André Almeida. Portugal

Bright eyed in the mornin '. 3 minutes, by Maria Fiorentini. Ireland

Circus. 4 minutes from Hagit Kastel. Israel

Country Out. 4 minutes of Hagit Castle. Israel

Dark Matter. 5 minutes, by Annie Maley. United States

Diamonds. 3 minutes, from Ivan and Jorge. Spain

DIY. 6 minutes, by Benjamin Esterlis. Israel

Everything's gray. 4 minutes from Hagit Kastel. Israel

Find me. 4 minutes from Biancoleone. Italy

Blazing. 5 minutes, by Karleener. France

Go away I like you too much. 3 minutes, by Jeff Boller. United States

Graffiti. 1 minute, by Rick Niebe. Italy

Imprints. 5 minutes from Hagit Kastel. Israel

Jerk Kitchen. 5 minutes, by Andrzej Mańkowsk. Taiwan

Leading me straight. 8 minutes, by Burke Heffner. United States

Light. 4 minutes from Hagit Kastel. Israel

Like neon lights. 4 minutes, by Carlos Alonso. Spain

Matter and form. 4 minutes, by Patrick Gregg. United States

While we make plans. 4 minutes, by Andoni Mtz of Madina. Italy

Mummy Troll. 3 minutes, by Sergey Valyaev. Russia

Mongolian. 10 minutes, by Hao Zheng. You're United

Mourning mantra by Baeilou. 3 minutes, by Miguel Rodrick. Columbia

Nada es lo que parece. 3 minutes, by Marta L. Lazaro. Spain

No. 5 minutes, by Cristina García Zarzosa. Spain

Not Easy. 4 minutes, by Maya Baran. Israel

Paradise Lost. 4 minutes, by Imran Ahmed. United States

Small Wind Leaf. 7 minutes, by Francesco Faralli. Italy

Dear vampires. 4 minutes, by Pepe Jiménez and Sackytoxic. Spain

Seven thousand two hundred. 4 minutes by Pau Puebla. Spain and Japan

She is a saint. 5 minutes, by Jorge Mayorga. Spain

Sounds from the leaves. 4 minutes, by Rafael Fernanz. United States

Monitor it. 3 minutes, by Leo García. Argentina

The bright of Frankestein. 7 minutes by Talksong LEE. Korea

Camera's on. 4 minutes, by Andrew Aidman. United States

The parliament of souls. 3 minutes, by Lu Pulici. Italy

The stop. 5 minutes, by Liudmila Komrakova. Russia

Things were better before. 3 minutes, by Mikoláš Orlický. Czech Republic

Vizhiyoram otutghuli. 4 minutes, from Harish. India

When I fall from Grace. 4 minutes, by Lyndon Ives. United Kingdom

Wer bin ich?. 2 minutes, by Jean-Christophe Garcia. France

Winter is. 4 minutes, by Patrick Gregg. United States

Woderwall. 7 minutes, by Alexander Denysenko. Ukraine

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