Bruno Martín | Spain | 23'

WRITER. Bruno Martín | EDITOR. Bruno Martín | MUSIC. I read Star | PRODUCER. Dr. Devil | CAST. Bruno Martín, Victor Losa, Miguel Lago Casal, Elisa Crivillén, Eduardo Cervera Retamar, Aliss Garca, David Pareja, Álex Ruiz Pérez, Gonzalo Van Rooy, Marcelo Ferratti, Toño Monge, Juan Carlos Navas, Úrsula Villalta, Dr. Diablo and Lalo Van Rooy

History that surrounds us in the labor world through satire.

Pol Masvidal and Sergi Ricart | Banyoles (Girona Talent) | 17'

WRITER. Pol Masvidal and Sergi Ricart | EDITOR. Pol Masvidal and Sergi Ricart | PHOTOGRAPHY. Iñaki Gorraiz | MUSIC. Joan Masats | PRODUCER. Pol Masvidal, Sergi Ricart and Cristina Ruiz | CAST. Iker Montero, Raül Ferré, Aida Llop, Mònica Macfer and Albert Frayler

In León and in Fèlix they are two flatmates who are troubled by the arrival of a new tenant: Sara. Accustomed to a routine, Sara breaks her coexistence strolling undressed by house. The discomfort of both guys will create a conflict that will not have an easy solution.

Fran Sellers | Spain | 22'

WRITER. Franc Sellers | PRODUCER. Jordi París and Laura Oliver | CAST. Joan Rovira, Maika Tenas, Jordi París, Adan Mateo, Estela Canal, Frank Díaz, Montse Masó, Gabi Gel, Lluís Fancelli, Lourdes Folgarona, Laura Oliver, Marià Manzanares, Santi Clavell, Ramon Reyes, Pablo Federich and Jordi Porta

After the unfortunate incident that causes the death of Ulises and causes that Eugen is persecuted by justice, Juan is assassinated by "sicario" to the control of his Eminence, that has not stopped in its will to eliminate Eugen and all those that protect it. On the other hand, Confederación y Jerónimo seal a pact: they need Eugen alive to finally materialize the lucrative business for which it was created. Now the swords are drawn and the different sides created in The Maracas around the mysterious figure of Eugen they will not surrender until they reach their goals. The war is served ...

Karen Arutyunov | Russia | 4'

WRITER. Karen Arutyunov and Dimitry Mitrofanov | PRODUCER. David Valiani | CAST. Yaroslava Slavskaya, Timur Yefremenkov and Sergey Kulikov

After refusing to marry a gangster, Kitty begins to pursue. However, the girl tries to achieve success and fame in the scenarios. How to be in the spotlight when to stay in the shade?

Juanjosé Álvarez | Spain | 14'

WRITER. Juanjosé Álvarez | PRODUCER. Juanjosé Álvarez | CAST. Oscar Parrado and Lydia Spider

A young movie student who loves his mother, discovers that he was not the woman he believed once he died in extensive circumstances. From here on, helped by a young psychologist, he will solve the riddle of who his mother was ...

Well Thorny | Chile | 7'

WRITER. Paloma Larraín and Beno Espinosa | PRODUCER. Paloma Larraín and Beno Espinosa | CAST. Paloma Larraín, Beno Espinosa and Leo Bertolini

Antonia is looking for a job as an actress and a new apartment to live, but in the process she will realize that adulthood is more complicated than she imagined.

GB Lanzo | Spain | 10 '

WRITER. GB Lanzo | EDITOR. Jessica Herrera | PHOTOGRAPHY. Rubén Uroz | MUSIC. Gabriel González | CAST. Adela Silvestre, Jordi Farrés, Jordi Serra, Biel Querol, Rosa Lanzo and Berta Bähr

Web series that narrates independent stories with a common nexus, the doors, which will be the main characters of each chapter.

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