Feel India

Teatre: Fundació Valvi, sala:

Día: 03 al 06, Mes: 11, Hora: 18.00_a_21.00,

Programa: Videocreació,  Categoria: Videocreació, Durada: 11 minutos

País: Ravenna, Director: Ion Sova

Web de la pel·lícula: http://ionsova.pro/

Sinopsi: Feel India is a short movie about people of India, a movie which has meditative logical explanation of the human circle. A movie about Life it’s self and a beginning of an entire evolution of cinematography based on human body observations.


Dirección: Ion Sova, Guió: Ion Sova, Fotografia: Ion Sova, Arte: Ion Sova, Muntage: Ion Sova, Música Estas Tone, Repartiment: Ion Sova

Informació sobre el director:

Raised in R.Moldova. Ion Sova graduated from Babes Bolyai university with cinematography image degree. Beginning his career at Transilvania Fashion Model as an image director, he then worked in aviation as a cabin crew.
Based on his job at this time he travel and work, video observing and creating.



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