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Hassan Mokhtari

Hassan Mokhtari is Independent Writer and Film Director of Islamic Republic of Iran. He was born in September1987 in Mianeh City of Iran. Hassan Mokhtari is B.A in Language Translation. When he was 16 years old, startsto learning cinema and Film Making. (2003). Films: Insert Password Mutual Coffin The World Eight Seconds Darker Than Black Past Continuous The Scent Of Night Not Winter The Silent Cry Keep Your Smile Reverse Awards And Nominee in more than 30 International Film Festivals: 6th International Science Film Festival (India2020) Best Jury Award Peace and film festival (USA) 2020 Nominee Assurdo Film Festival (Italy2020) Best Animation Award Human Rights Day Film Festival (Turkey) 2019 Nominee 24th Vissionaria Film Festival (Italy2017) Best VisionArt Film Award 32th Girrona Film Festival (Spain) 2020 Nominee Make Art Not War Film Festival (USA) 2020 Nominee Leloun Film Festival (Syria) 2020 Nominee 60Seconds International Film Festival (Pakistan) 2018 / 2020 Finalist 16th Moqavemat International Film Festival(Iran) Finalist And...

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Hassan Mokhtari

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Hassan Mokhtari


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