Being A Dog

Being A Dog





Tim is longing for love. He’s a lonely human being who struggles with exclusion every day. Every time Tim feels different than others he transforms into a french bulldog. Ginger makes Tim feel human. Ginger is an old friend of Tim`s whom he was in love with, unrequited love. Tim collides with Ginger in the street, they talk and become friends again. After meeting Ginger Tim becomes a dog again. This time he chooses to enjoy being a dog and sees all the possibilities of a dog`s life. It’s good to be a human being but it’s good being a dog sometimes too.


Felix Swahn

Felix Swahn was born in Karlskrona, Sweden 1993. He was born with Autism. His first communication through images before verbal language. After kindergarden he went to a special school for people with Autism. Felix was integrated in a common in second grade. In 2010 he graduated from Maria school holding a speech about integration for everyone in the school. While graduating from Fryshuset, the highschool, he made his first film called Wondergarden 2013. Felix continued his education at the Artschool where he graduated with his second film, Catablanca. The next two years Felix spend at Animation Academy graduating in 2016 with the movie “The odd funeral”. The year after Felix spend at Skarpnäcks folkhögskola, one year of comic strip education. 2019 Felix completed a live action film “The Stockholm syndrome”. Felix is done working on an animation film called Being A Dog, 2020. Currently Felix is writing a book about his first 20 years, to be done in 2021. Felix has made radio about growing up with autism and he is in the process of writing an auto biography. During the last years Felix has done book illustrations as well as contributing as extras in different movies.

Written by:

Felix Swahn

Produced by:

Felix Swahn


Joakim Jennefors, Michaela Aardai Jennefors

Music Composer: Caspar Swahn; Film Editor: Henry Louie Lindén; Sound Effect's: Fabian Roos; Sound Mixer: Max Philipsson; Animator: Felix Swahn; Special Thank's to: Caspar Swahn, Henry Louie Lindén, Josef Fares, Niklas Folkegård, Niklas Djanieff, Max Philipsson, Vi Unga - Stockholm Stad, Sundbybergs Folkhögskola; Software Used: Blender, 3D-animation in open source, Tv-Paint 11 Standard Edition

Screened at:

Animation session 2

Cinema Albéniz
Room 6
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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