Camping Life (the ephemeral city)

Camping Life (la ciudad efímera)





Camping life is a documentary that portrays life on a Costa Brava campsite during the summer of 2020. The camera follows the various stories and anecdotes of the day to day life of the uninhibited campers with the intention to portray the concept of holidays for contemporary man. The film makes a unique portrait of how the coronavirus crisis was experienced during the summer of 2020 by a middle class determined to be able to enjoy their recreation time no matter what. Finally, the concept of an ephemeral city is explored, which comes alive every summer to become an organic entity devoted to leisure, and then just as quickly fades away at the end of the summer as it’s population disappears.


Josep Perez

Josep Pérez (Barcelona, 1970) debued in 1995 with the short film La Excursión, and since then has gone on to make a dozen more short films and four feature films, as well as working as a scriptwriter and producer of TV series, alternating between fiction and documentaries. His last two films, the documentaries Pemba vuelve a Goli (2017) and Los discípulos de Marcel Duhcamp (2019) have participated in over fifty international film festivals and received several awards.

Written by:

Josep Perez

Produced by:

Jopergon, Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals SA


Screened at:

Documentary KM0 session 1

Aula Magna
Aula Magna
19:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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