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“CANDY” PREMIERS JUNE 26TH AT 3:00 PM EST When a group of close friends (who all happen to be creatives) come together, the magic sauce spills everywhere. “CANDY” is a One Take Film/Music Video based in a house party on an alternate reality; everyone is sugar high because all there is to ingest is candy. A sequence of random events is triggered the moment Sonja’s wannabe boyfriend walks up to the front door. Director Vzzn describes it as a “visually fun to get lost in and be led by La Makina” type vibe. “I wanted it to feel and move like a ‘Rube Goldberg’ machine with one instance of randomness leading to the next.”


JP Vzzn, Mykee Espino, Bryan Rodriguez

JP VZZN - FILM DIRECTOR: Being from Hialeah I have been immensely influenced by the multitude of cultures around me but my family is of Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan descent. The main source of my income comes from dancing professionally on stage. Additionally on my off time, although broad, I would also define myself as a creator. The jobs I take on outside of dancing switch from time to time but the role I play stays the same. During the time of this writing the first two projects I've had an opportunity to direct have yet to be released. Top secret for now! Outside of cinematic shots, creative blocking and extraordinary concepts I truly enjoy making anything creatively possible. I have a vivid imagination where I can see the project fully manifested. This challenges me to bring my ideas into reality.

Written by:

JP Vzzn, Mykee Espino, Sonja La Makina

Produced by:

Sonja La Makina


Sonja La Makina, Yatniel Olivera, Mykee Espino, Bboy Links, Bboy Coin, Dimelo Felva, Kamille Walker, Brandon Bodarky, Francene Halili, Tiffany Suarez, Bianca Robinson, Hulk, Mara, Angel Juni Rodriguez, Bboy Fuzion, Bboy Zeku, Dani Solano, Alexis Rogue

Screened at:

Videoclip session 1 Day 1

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

Videoclip session 1 Day 2

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

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