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A usual day at a Psychiatric clinic turns into an un usual day when the patient escape from reality for a few minutes .


Yasmine Wadi

Yasmine Wadi is a filmmaker based in Cairo,Egypt . Yasmine works part-time as a writer and assistant director on local independent film productions in Cairo , Egypt and is also a theater actress . Yasmine sometimes gets ideas for the characters in her films, From her street photography hobby. She has a Diploma in Filmmaking from the french university in Egypt in Late 2020 .Yasmine Wadi co-write and Assis. direct the short drama film, Aynan in 2009, which was selected by nine film festivals and Got a mention in urguay film festival. Yasmine enjoyed the Whole Story telling through writing directing and acting even during her studying Law at Cairo university starting 2005 by joining Filmmaking workshops and has been hooked ever since. Her dream is to direct films that might have something to change the world along with entertain , Bringing a more accurate representation of the diverse cultures that exist in the world today, Specially her being half palestinian half egyptian living in egypt . She is currently building her body of work as a director .

Written by:

Yasmine Wadi

Produced by:

Yasmine Wadi ( Wadi Productions)


Diaa' Zakaria, Yasmine Wadi, Mo Al Fayed

Screened at:

Short Films International with subtitles in English

Cinema Albéniz
Room 1
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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