Lala smokes pot ten minutes before lunch with her in-laws. Upon seeing her, her boyfriend gets angry and leaves without her. In this way, Lala achieves her goal: skip lunch in order to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with staying home alone.


Malu Solís

Director, producer, screenwriter, art director. She collaborated in an AFI thesis, "Stray Dogs" by Santiago Limón, in the feature film "The Bad Guys" by Carlos Rincones (AFF); in the reality show "Total Divas" by E!; in commercials in CDMX (International Red Cross, Sony Xperia); as well as in the feature film "El Prófugo" (70th Berlinale). Won IMCINE funding for "PIE" (53rd WorldFest-Houston, 4th CIFF and 33rd Exground Film Fest). Selected by FONCA for her screenplay "María Maculada" for a rewriting workshop by Ulises Pérez Mancilla. Founder of the Film Commission of Quintana Roo A.C., which presented the law initiative that creates the Film Commission of the State of Quintana Roo.

Written by:

Malu Solís, Sharon Alpuche

Produced by:

Malu Solís, Diego Lomelín


Lizzy Auna, Diego Calva

Screened at:

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Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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