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A father’s daily life of taking care of a baby. He took the baby out and always was nervous when facing the neighbor’s greeting. Sometimes father’s behavior is like a baby. For some reason, the knife could not cut the food while cooking, but it continued to cut the fingers. The boiling water in the pot is bubbling all the time, just like constantly facing chaos every day. The father seemed to be able to temporarily cut off outside sounds only when he was helping the baby to bathe…


Shih Hung Wu

Shih Hung Wu was born in Taiwan. He is an illustrator, film director, and cartoonist. He has been concerned about local culture, history and family relations, and has produced animation content for many Taiwanese documentaries and children's animation series. His works have won many Taiwan and international awards. Wu founded Weeler studio in 2015. This is a studio that promotes Taiwan’s aesthetic education and produces many short documentaries about Taiwan’s education.

Written by:

Shih Hung Wu

Produced by:

Yun An Lin


Screened at:

Video Creation session 1 Day 1

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula B
15:00 hrs

Video Creation session 1 Day 2

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula B
15:00 hrs

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