Door Deity

Door Deity





This is my master’s project. I graduated from UAL (London college of fashion) this year. The fashion industry in China started with plagiarism western’s fashion now has begun to explore and practice the transformation of cultural connotation. Made in China has also changed from fake and inferior to quality assurance. However, Chinese fashion is basically in the shadow of Western fashion. The development of Chinese fashion requires the awakening of the public’s thinking, as well as cultural and identity confidence. I would like to become one of participant that explores the unknown doors of Chinese fashion. This time I abandoned the widely used Chinese elements, such as Chinese red, cheongsam, blue and white porcelain, etc., attempts to explore a new perspective of using Chinese traditional culture, to present a hybrid work of how I understand China and Western fashion. This fashion short film inspired by the Chinese traditional folk myth story door god, researched in widely fields such as Chinese Daoism, mythology, old fashioned arts, western arts, movies, mythology, etc. The footage language and art direction of the entire shooting are based on the 1982 film “Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott.


S (Shi Liang)

Written by:

S (Shi Liang)

Produced by:

S (Shi Liang), Jerry Wang


Ma Chong, Xu Yujin, Han Sicheng

Screened at:

Video Creation session 1 Day 1

Aula B
Aula B
15:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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