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El Greco





Jesús López Pozuelo (El Greco) was born in Torralba de Calatrava (Ciudad Real, Spain) in the late 1940s. Since he was young he was interested in the bullfighting world, but when he became middle-aged he decided to change paths and he started working in the audiovisual industry. He created different video pieces, such as “Vision”, a film ahead its time in which he experimented with a recording technique which was similar to the one of the current Go-Pro cameras. The year was 1986.


K. Prada

- El Greco (2019) Documentary Short - La diosa que hay en mi (2019) Short - Cosplayers (2019) Documentary Short - Trekkies (2019) Short - Dorien (2018 - 2019) TV series - Llegar (2017) Short

Written by:

K. Prada

Produced by:

K. Prada, J. Prada, Macarena Gómez


Jesús López Pozuelo

Screened at:

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