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Distributed by: IRAN FILM PORT www.iranfilmport.com Synopsis: Dina knows that the war with Iraq has lasted eight years, but her grandfather has been ill for more than eight years as a result of the war. Accolades: 1) Official Selection in 33th Girona Film Festival / Spain 2021 2) Seoul International Public Service Advertising Festival / South Korea 2020 3) LELOUN International Film Festival / Syria 2020


Zeinab Hematian

- One-year theoretical and practical training course in filmmaking (Semnan Youth Cinema Association) - Three-month course for mixing and compiling Primer internship (technical and professional in Semnan city) - Storytelling, reading and storytelling training course (Professor Hossein Ali Jafari) - Al-Jalal Storytelling Centralized Course (8th Jalal Al-Ahmad Literary Prize of Tehran) - Interview Techniques Training Course in Oral History, Teacher Mohammad Ghasemipoor (Semnan Art Center) - Motion Graphics Workshop (Ouj Media Arts Organization) - Documentary Production and Editing Workshop (Ouj Media Arts Organization) - Cooperation in the production of video clips and documentaries with local and university Basij offices and bases (since 1988) - Membership in the active mobilization of artists (since October 1993)

Written by:

Hadi Jafari

Produced by:

Semnan Young Cinema Association


abolghasem zarin - dina zamani

Screened at:

Feature Films Premieres from IRAN 2021

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula Magna
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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