Fire in the basement

Fuego en el Sótano





Elisa, Leo and Ramos are students in 1968 in a Mexico City on the verge of hosting Latin America´s first ever Olympic Games. They bond over a shared love of great coffee and great books, in particular the political writings of Marcuse. When the army bursts onto their Campus, there is a huge strike and the three young friends get involved in the burgeoning student protest movement, focusing their efforts on the design and production of propaganda. They join thousands of their friends and colleagues in a march demanding peace and the immediate withdrawal of the army from the University; however, the government responds by slaughtering hundreds of protesters, bringing the march to a swift end.


Eva Vazquez de Reoyo

Eva Vázquez de Reoyo is a filmmaker with a background in commercials and music videos. She was born in Madrid. Her mother is a painter and his father a puppeteer. She studied film direction at the London College and animation at the Arts Institute. Her graduation work is awarded at numerous festivals and screened at the Lincon Center in New York. As an advertising director she has shot several campaigns for large international clients such as IKEA, Nestle, Procter & Gambler, Kraft among others, always managing to give the scripts a distinctive and personal touch. Her independent work is characterized by an elastic realism in which the fantastic happens with total normality. Her language is stylised and graphic. Her personal style stands out for an elaborate art direction and careful photography aimed at telling the story in a visual way. Her short film LOVE MONSTER has been selected by various national and international festivals. Recently "Fuego en el Sótano" was commissioned thanks to an award from PROCINE and won Best Mexican short film at Giff.

Written by:

Eva Vazquez de Reoyo

Produced by:


Screened at:

Short Films KM0 session 1

Cinema Albeniz
Room 8
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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