Flamenco Queer

Flamenco Queer





After three decades of hiding his feminine impulses, renowned Spanish dancer Manuel Liñán comes out to challenge convention by pursuing his love of performing flamenco—dressed as a woman—in a conservative society with rigid cultural traditions.


Ana González, Frederick Bernas

ANA GONZÁLEZ is an award-winning documentary filmmaker interested in social issues. She has collaborated with media outlets such as the BBC, The New Yorker, Al Jazeera, Atlas Obscura, National Geographic, France Ô, Mediaset, and others — working in countries including Australia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. During 2015-16, González was a correspondent for Spanish press agency Efe/EPA in Paris and Bangkok. She helped the company set up its multimedia headquarters for Asia while reporting in text, photo, and video. In 2020, she founded Eye Rise Films, an audiovisual production house that tells stories that challenge the way we perceive the world. FREDERICK BERNAS has directed and produced films for the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, NBC and others – with a focus on illuminating social or political issues through a cultural lens. Five years of working across Latin America took him to prisons in Mexico, a Japanese colony in Bolivia, the vast favelas of Rio de Janeiro and remote Andean communities; he even joined an expedition to Antarctica in 2017. Frederick holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and is currently developing hybrid audiovisual projects which explore the concept of narrative fusion between film and music.

Written by:

Ana González

Produced by:

Ana González, Frederick Bernas


Cinematographer: Sacha Rolland-Benis, Frederick Bernas; Editor: Frederick Bernas, Ana González; Sound Recordist: Théo Serror; Sound Designer: Alex Marais; Colorist: Diego Meijido, Cristina Galán; Drone Operator: Sacha Rolland-Benis; Still Photography: Ana González; Composer / Music Producer: Frederick Bernas; Executive Producer, The New Yorker: Soo-jeong Kang; Supervising Producer, The New Yorker: Yara Bishara; Producer, The New Yorker: Wendi Jonassen, Melissa Fajardo

Screened at:

Documentary session 1

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula Magna
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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