Flies only live one day

Las moscas solo viven un día





A tormented mother struggles during a delusional journey against her own imagination, which plays tricks on her by deforming her young son’s plans.


Mauro Luis

Mauro Luis (Valencia, Spain, 10/02/1993). From the age of 10 to 18, he learns under the tutelage of Paco Zarco in Top Hat Comics, where he begins to develop his visual narrative. Later on he will study Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, doing an exchange year in Athens at ASFA. He returned to university to study the Master’s Degree in 2D animation at the UPV. His work encompasses illustration, murals, tattoos and animation. “Flies only live one day” is his first short film as a director. Mauro Luis (Valencia, España, 02/10/1993). De los 10 a los 18 años, aprende bajo la tutela de Paco Zarco en Top Hat Comics, donde empieza a desarrollar su narrativa visual. Más tarde estudiará Bellas Artes en la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, cursando un año en Atenas (ASFA). Vuelve a la universidad para estudiar el máster en animación 2D de la UPV. Su trabajo incluye ilustración, murales, tatuaje y animación. «Las moscas solo viven un día» es su primer cortometraje como director.

Written by:

Mauro Luis

Produced by:

Máster en Animación UPV, Mauro Luis


Art Direction: Mauro Luis; Sound: Carlos Mansa, Nacho Güemes , Pablo Mateo; Editing: Juan Torres , Mauro Luis; Music: Carlos Mansa; Animation: Sara Esteve, Sheila Ballesteros, Laura Giner, Raquel Juan, Álvaro Wallner, Carlos Mercé, Daniela Zapata, Mauro Luis; Distribution: Marta Salvador Tato

Screened at:

Animation session 2

Cinema Albéniz
Room 6
11:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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