Friday morning when Daniele seems dead






That year, I shared the house with an old lady called Daniele, when I were studying aboard in France. She’s over 70 years old, living more longer than anyone else in that house. One Friday morning, without seeing Daniele in the house after several days, all the tenants concluded that she is dead in her room. We called the landlord and wait him to unlock the door of Daniele’s room. During the waiting, I couldn’t stop thinking what would I see after the door opened. What should we do? What kills her? Do we need to go to the hospital or somewhere with her body? My curiosity growth with the possibility behind that door, let I almost believed I was right on the funeral of Daniele, in front of her door. Finally the landlord came. He opened the door, we entered the room after him, and saw no one inside. Daniele wasn’t in the room from the first place. Those guessing and imaginations came from my mind lead me to believe that Daniele was dead behind the door, until the door opened, and everything break down. All it succeed based on the door enclosure what happened inside, make the space separated into two fields: inside and outside.


Yang Chao Hao

2010, Parsons the New School Summer Intensive Studying, Sound and Vision. 2012, BA degree from Shih Chien University, Department of Communication Design. 2015-2016, Studying aboard in Rubika-Supinfocom 2017, Master's degree in Taipei National University of Arts, New Media Art.

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Video Creation session 1 Day 1

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula B
15:00 hrs

Video Creation session 1 Day 2

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula B
15:00 hrs

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