Green expectations

Green expectations






Iván Arenas

Born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, on February the 12th of 1996. He’s studying the fourth year of the degree in Artes y Negocios Cinematográficos y Televisivos, on the Asociación Mexicana de Cineastas Independientes. He studied a workshop on film apreciation imparted by the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos. He’s developed in directing, editing and photography. Director of two cineminutes “Ein Kuss” and “Reminiscencias” the later achieving the 3rd place in a contest “yo soy cine”, executed by the magazine Cine Premier and Nikon. To release his first short film “Traum”. Currently he is working on the development of his first documentary film, for which he has received development workshops by the film festival DocsMx.

Written by:

Franco Bautista, Iván Arenas, José Grimaldo

Produced by:

Franco Bautista, Paola Hinojos


Adria Loya, Meylan Chinolla

Cinematographer: José Grimaldo

Screened at:

Video Creation session 1 Day 1

Aula B
Aula B
15:00 hrs

Video Creation session 1 Day 2

Aula B
Aula B
15:00 hrs

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