I want to study!

Mikhaham Dars Bekhanam!


Iran, Islamic Republic of



Many students in the deprived and red educational regions in Iran, due to lack of internet reception in their villages, have to walk distances to reach certain areas to get connected to the internet , and despite the coronavirus , they are forced to sit next to each other in online classes.


Ramtin Kouchaki

Ramtin Kouchaki / Born in 1992 / Rasht – Iran Bachelor’s degree of computer engineering Editor , writer & director

Written by:

Ramtin Kouchaki

Produced by:

Houshang Darvishpoor


Aydin Barzegar

Photography: Bizhan Darvishpoor; Music: Mohamadreza Aligholi, Hadi Ahmadi; Sound: Milad Heydarzadeh

Screened at:

Feature Films Premieres from IRAN 2021

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula Magna
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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