I’m back, baby

I’m back, baby





Lars, an eccentric wannabe hipster, attends a therapy session that takes him on an unexpected acid journey into the absurd postmodern society we live in.


Alicia Verdés, Stephan Hofmann

ALICIA VERDÉS has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Dramatic Arts and has been working in Spain, Germany and Scotland.She’s an actress, director, producer, and dramatic arts teacher in ESAD Eòlia University (Barcelona).As a short film director she started out with "Òscar guanya" (2011). With "Alba significa amanecer" (2012) that starred Pau Roca y Maite Buenafuente (El Terrat, Utòpic, Vadever and her production company Lizzia Produccions) she was nominated and won national- and international awards in Filmets Film Festival, Shortlatino Festival Al Cine, Young Values Film Festival and more. In 2019 she founded Ojalá Projects and moved to Greece where she directed and produced the "Recreant el refugi" (2019) documentary about the refugee squads in Athens and the music video "We are all refugees" (2019). As an actress she has been working in theatre, television and cinema for the last 15 years as well as a reporter for the Catalan national TV network TV3. She is currently developing her next project.

STEPHAN HOFMANN began his film career at the age of 29 after moving to Barcelona where he graduated in film direction from Bande à Part Escuela de Cine. He made his first short, Calcetines, in 2010. With “El Crimen Desorganizado” (2012) (El Dedo en el Ojo, with the support of the ICAA, 2012), starred among others by the actors Edu Soto and Helena Miquel, he won several awards, among them “Nueva autoria ” Sitges international Film Festival and the Venus in the Filmets Badalona Festival, in addition to being selected in important festivals such as the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea or the FICIE in Elche. Later he made “Ojos” y “Bala Perduda” (2013), prize for the best short film in Rencontres Internacionales des Films Courts de Cameroun). Stephan continues filming shorts and music videos, he has won in competitions such as 48 Hours Film Project (2013) or Mil Mirades (2014, 2017 and 2018). His first feature film "Heaven sent" (working title) is in pre-production and his latest short film "El Rei del falafel" is about to be released. He is currently working on the script for his second feature film.

Written by:

Alicia Verdés, Stephan Hofmann

Produced by:

Lizzia Produccions, Alicia Verdés


Cast: Jonas Linde, Alicia Verdés, Mireia Ferré, Judit Ampudia

Screened at:

Short Films KM0 session 1

Cinema Albeniz
Room 8
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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