A man through the viewing of masterpieces of Cinema that are censored when they touch any taboo, realizes that Art has been prohibited. For attacking the sensitivity of certain sectors of society.


Luis Utges

Luis Utges was born in Madrid Spain in 1979 and studied at the prestigious San Antonio de Los Baños Cuba Film School, where he studied screenwriting and directing. He continued his studies at the Ecam reference film school in Spain. During which he began to make his first short films. He collaborated in the web series: Justicia Sangrienta, as a screenwriter and cameraman, awarded at Baja and Miami Webfest in 2014. Later he made his first foray into Festivals with: My Essence, a short tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. With his second short film: Redención he has received 5 awards at the Continent Festival of Venezuela

Written by:

Luis Utges

Produced by:

Luis Utges


Timothy Cordukes

Art: Luis Utges; Music composer: Miguel Moreda; DOp: Mauro Pérez; Editor: Mario Delgado

Screened at:

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