Khoon Bas

Khoon Bas


Iran, Islamic Republic of



Distributed by: IRAN FILM PORT co. An Iranian films agency and distribution Synopsis: A teenage girl who always coughs up blood at the same time as her parents ‘fights and sees a doctor every time, the reason is not clear until we finally realize that she deliberately cuts her hand and sheds her blood to end her parents’ fights. Eats and pretends to cough up blood. Accolades: 1) Official Selection in 33th Girona Film Festival / Spain 2021


Masoud Babaei

I am 34 years old

Written by:

Masoud Babaei

Produced by:

Masoud Babaei, Pouria Ziayi


Babak Karimi, Saina Sadeghi, Pani Afshar, Marjan Moghadasi

Screened at:

Feature Films Premieres from IRAN 2021

Aula Magna
Aula Magna
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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