Kibbutz Generation

Generació Kibbutz





In the 1950s and 60s, dozens, perhaps hundreds, of young Catalans chose to go and experience the adventure of kibbutz socialism in the newly formed (1948) state of Israel. For many, it was a life-changing encounter.


Albert Abril

The director Albert Abril is journalist, special envoy to conflicts worldwide, (Vietnam, Ireland del Nord, Middle East...) former director of the political and cultural content “Marc de Referències” magazine. Sciences Information Licensee (UAB), professor of Film Script (UB). Director of cinema, directed many feature films like L’home de neó, Official Selection at Festival de Berlin, Special Quality Award of Cultural Ministry, Award of the Public at Festival of Vancouver (Canada), El viatge a l’ última estació New Directors Award and Nacional Award Best Picture and La recerca de la felicitat for TV. He has directed more than five hundred videos, institutional, advertising spots and documentaries for TV. Last documentaries done for TV: La memòria de la matèria (2013) about isolated tribes in Amazonia, Art i rebel·lia (2016) about the poster designer Carles Fontserè, and Generació kibbutz (2020) (Official Selection at Roda de Berà Festival 2020) the adventure of some of the young Catalans who in the 1960s went to experience socialism and community living in the kibbutzim, in the early times of the State of Israel.

Written by:

Albert Abril

Produced by:

Martí Sans Sallares


Interviewed: Jaume Barberà, Alicia Figerhut, Isaac Levy, Roser Luch, Laura Manaut, Josep París, Oriol Pí de Cabanyes, Imma Puig Antich, Josep M. Renyé, Eulàlia Sariola, Miquel Sellarés, Carme Soler, Aya Sagi, Joan B. Culla, Viçens Villatoro, Xavier Torrens

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