Koohaar – Drifted

Koohaar – Drifted





Music video for the song of a Ukrainian musician Koohaar. Made of documentary videos, filmed by me in different cities of Ukraine and Poland. Hearing this song for the first time, reminded me of the existential concept of “abandonment”. As “condemned to be free”, people make their own decisions on what to do: they are praying, dancing, eating, singing, crying, marrying, fighting, striking. Being thrown into this world, everyone creates his own path in a unique way and carries responsibility for each step on this path. By combining these unrelated, at the first blush, stories I’ve tried to show, without any judging or pity, how much our lives are different and similar at the same time.


Anastasiia Kukhar

Philosophy bachelor and a first-time director. Fell in love with visual art from photography, but then discovered the world of moving images. For now, I have 1 finished project: a music video made of documentary videos, which I filmed myself.

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Camera: Anastasiia and Volodymyr Kukhar; Music: Koohaar

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Videoclip session 2 Day 1

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

Videoclip session 2 Day 2

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
17:00 hrs

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