Kuzuboshi – Empty (Official Music Video)






The Japanese rock band Kuzuboshi was formed in 2002. The band members have been coming up with ideas and practicing individually to write a new song, “Empty.” They have been working together for many years and have gained various experiences. In this video, they used many multiple exposures, kind of hand-made analog effects with glass and water, etc. This video theme is “From words to images and changes into music,” and visualize the process of making a song.


Lisa Kimura

Lisa Kimura - Born in Tokyo in 1985, Lisa began learning drawing at the age of 9. Later at the age of sixteen, she started filmmaking. During her four-year study at Nihon University College of Art, Lisa completed several projects, including short films and commercial films. After graduating from University, Lisa worked for companies cre ating videos for music, wedding, waste/water treatment, sludge recycling facilit ies, and graphic design. From 2013, she started teaching art to children, along with freelance filmmaking and graphic design. In addition to making films, Lisa became actively involved in filmmaking workshops for children, college students, and art events. From 2018, she has been writing monthly filmmaking columns for a local magazine. Some of her work was awarded in national and international film festivals such as Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival, etc.

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Line Producer: Masato Suzaki; Costume Designer: Norie Kurata (colorple); Make-Up Artist: Masumi Sano, Manami Takata; Cinematographer: Shota Kiz, Lisa Kimura; Editor: Lisa Kimura

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