Laif (miniseries)

Laif (miniserie)





After breaking up with his girlfriend and without a stable job, Laif faces his new life with what he has left: a great ability to do the opposite of what is right.


Luis Arenas

Luis Arenas is a film director and producer. Since 2013 resides in Mexico where he is a partner together with Pablo Zimbrón and Víctor Léycegui of the film production company Varios Lobos. Their productions have participated in various international festivals, as well as have been acquired by platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and Filmin. His latest work as a director and screenwriter is titled LAIF, a miniseries premiered at the Series Mania 2020 festival and acquired by the Filmin platform.

Written by:

Luis Arenas

Produced by:

Pablo Zimbrón, Víctor Léycegui, Karen Barrera, Luis Arenas


Leonardo Ortizgris, Camila Selser

Screened at:

Web Series

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula Magna
17:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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