Last Afternoon

La última tarde


United States



Two immigrant friends share their deepest worries, desires, and frustrations in a Brooklyn park. Through the wormhole of their own perspectives, the filmmaker creeps in, breaking apart the film’s construction of reality. La última tarde is a search for belonging and connection, in a world in that is becoming increasingly alienating.


Lorena Alvarado

Lorena Alvarado is a director and editor with an interest in hybrid and unconventional approaches to filmmaking. Her films have screened in festivals around the world and been featured in PBS, The Atlantic, Wired, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire (among others). Born and raised in Venezuela, she received her B.A in Media and Film Studies from Emerson College and was awarded a fellowship as a filmmaker at Fabrica Research Center in Italy. Lorena is currently based in New York.

Written by:

Lorena Alvarado

Produced by:


Andrea Hall, Maria Paula Forero

Screened at:

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