Life is short

Life is short


Iran, Islamic Republic of



Life is short that’s the whole story


Jahan Imani

Jahanbakhsh Imani _ Born in 1974 Beginning of cinematic activity in Ardabil Youth Cinema Association since 1372 Directing Short Films: The Work of the World, Red Seconds, Gold of the Gods, Short Story, Documentary: Niagara Cinema Video clips of the same color as the sunset, opium, my man is a dream You are shooting short films: Baba gave water, give it a name, it is like a river, life is short, documentary: And I stayed Assistant director and programmer of serials and films: Safar Sabz, Safarbaran, Silent Memories, Aji Nafs, Journalists, Guichek Fatima, Aghabiflar Khoja Films, Bloody January Writing a feature film script: Road to Crime, the morning of the seventh, the Caspian tales trilogy Film directing (Road to Crim

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