In this short picture, first-time filmmaker Philippe Berthelet wanted to evoke feelings related to the flow state. With its entrancing visuals and sound design, “LUNA” invites the viewer into the artist’s mind and spirit.


Philippe Berthelet

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, the greatest city of all time. Growing up in a family that wasn't involved in the arts, I've always considered myself an outsider to the film industry. In 2020, at 18 years old, I was accepted into the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, where I've been blessed with an outstanding education on all matters related to the art of filmmaking. My first short film, which I produced and funded entirely on my own is called "LUNA". It is an experimental piece shot on super 8 film and it just came out so feel free to give it a watch! Also, feel free to reach out to me -- my contact information is linked on my profile.

Written by:

Philippe Berthelet

Produced by:

Philippe Berthelet


Audrey-Ève Goulet, Laura Maréchal-Houillon, Chloé Berthelet

Camera Operator: Philippe Berthelet, Keenan Moïse

Screened at:

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