Message For You

Message For You





A hen stops to follow the chicken superficial crowd and crosses the wall to reach a new artistic world. She flies here and there to meet new artistic suggestions submerged by Art.


Axel Dumont

(EN) Axel Dumont (Paris, France, 01/15/1959) is a musician, producer and plastic artist based in Brussels (Belgium). He worked with many other artists, managed several cultural organisations and created two jazz clubs in Brussels. He is also mediator in Fine Arts and was awarded with "Prix Découvertes 2016" by KR-Home Studio. He has created some music videos and "Message For You" is his first animation film. (ES) Axel Dumont (París, Francia, 15/11/1959) es un músico, productor y artista plástico residente en Bruselas (Bélgica). Ha trabajado con artistas, dirigido varias instituciones culturales y creado dos clubes de jazz en Bruselas. Trabaja como mediador en el circuito artístico y ha sido galardonado con el «Prix Découvertes 2016» por KR-Home Studio. Ha realizado algunos videoclips. «Message For You» es su primer cortometraje de animación.

Written by:

Axel Dumont, Fabrice Blin, Paul Mattei

Produced by:

Axel Dumont


Art Direction: Axel Dumont; Distribution: Marta Salvador Tato; Sound: Axel Dumont; Editing: Fabrice Blin; Music: Axel Dumont; Animation: Fabrice Blin, Paul Mattei

Screened at:

Animation session 2

Cinema Albéniz
Room 6
11:00 hrs

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