‘CHAKKI’ (‘MIXI’ in English/ ‘MIXEUR’ in french) is an UNRELEASED film entirely made using ‘SEEDS’. Real PULSES & GRAMS & SPROUTS were used in motion to create scenarios as a metaphorical representation of GROWTH & FUTURE of a nation. The film industriously renders the verse “DON’T GRIND THE SEED, LET IT GROW!”. The Film shows the ‘DARK REALITY’ behind your favourite DISH. While you enjoy delicacies, the reality is grindingly far different for some. Film depicts a ‘served platter’, which grinds the seeds into the dark side(reality) that goes in the background of each serving, i.e- ‘FORCED CHILD LABOUR’! (HUMAN TRAFFICKING). Starvation deaths, Sale of children,Mass migration are the order of the day. Inspired by the POPUPS that throws challenges on your path to destiny,the film shows a POOR WEAK STARVING CHILD grinding his way to survive. While your plate is his world, every meal the grinder makes for you shows his grinding life instead. What all it takes for him to get that fancy dish served to you. The turning point is how he flees the grind at night when the grinder is HACKED by birds (& grinder stops functioning, breaksdown due to overload). As the discarded grinder turns into a fruitful ‘FLOWER POT’,His life turns into a beautiful gift. It builds up the malnourished child & its environment. Helping him experience a beautiful world & things (education, play, food, etc). His surroundings grow into the absolute gift of life. (flower pot his new healthy home) a metaphorical symbol from GRIND to GROWTH. Time-lapse,Stopmotion,Cg has been industriously used here to depict the change & growth. To represent GRIND TO GROWTH the distinctive stylistic treatment used is an incremental transfiguration of the MATERIAL by degree and detail. Childhood being their constructive years. Children are the future, their DEVELOPMENT IS THAT OF A NATION. PS-Also Twds reminder “don’t waste food”. God gave food & water free to all BEINGS equally. Why is it a privilege of a few? Original composition using live sounds, my own sounds & free sound textures in a rhythmic sequence in line with the stop-motion action. The film was picture-locked,ready by 2019 end & post production (Dcp level) was done in 2020.



Ms.Jyotsna Puthran is an ardent torch bearer to underground films, art, music and culture. Inspired by the rebellious art form her art is centered around spirituality twds praising the lord through art. As a result of her spiritual quest which began very early in life she adapts her spiritual expressions/ experiences through her multi styled works. (AS ART IS DIVINE EXPRESSION ONLY TO BE USED IN THE PRAISE OF THE LORD). Born in Mumbai, From being a 5 times young scientist govt awardee to topping both universities entrance exams at JJ institute of applied arts & JJ school of fine arts. Since 3yrs of age she's written/directed/acted in 20+ plays. She completed her bachelors degree in applied arts, specialising in visualisation, illustration, photography (old syllabus). She topped all 10 exams including 1st rank in boards preliminary, winning Govt awarded scholarship plus freeship in all ten exams, which no student has won till date. She won many prestigious govt honours in campus & was offered post graduation scholarship. Shes also done advanced courses in new media . She started her own ad & filmmaking company at the age of 18. With extensive contribution in the field of film,arts & advertising for more than 20yrs , she has an international award winning reputation as artistic film maker, inventor, ad person, communication artist, Graphic Novelist, rapper, underground artist, musician-lyricist, poet, sprint-athlete,writer,dancer,vfx,CGI,fashion designer,choreographer,activist etc. Her latest achievement is the MIFF Golden conch, & the national film awards by i&b ministry,directorate of film festival for Divyanjan -Sashaktikaran. & has recieved 150 pretigious honours from govt & art guilds like DFF,MINISTRY OF I&B, MIFF, ICFFI,UNFPA,ABBYS,CAG, IAA,UNICEF,ADOBE,CANNES etc to her credit. Her non-profit Guerilla Art division ‘clinic’ helps animals welfare, save the girl child, cancer awareness, environmental issues through film & art forms. She has a shelter in making.She has screened her artistictic films all over the world.

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Video Creation Finalists session 6

Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
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