Monsters Aren’t Real

Monsters Aren’t Real





After realising something isn’t quite right, A woman must confront the unknown terror that lies in her house. 


Kristina Moschella

Kristina Moschella is a young and passionate director born in into a big Italian-Australian family in Brisbane in the 90s. She booked her first job in the entertainment industry at the age of 5 and over the years paved a life of colour and creativity that lead her towards a career in the film and TV industry. From the USA to the UK, Russia, and Jamaica, Kristina has called many places home and draws upon her first-hand experiences to produce and create new, original and diverse stories. "I want to tell stories that not only have meaning and make the audience think but most importantly entertain and make the audience feel. I am really passionate about creating and telling new stories that Australians have never seen on their screens before that have worldwide appeal."

Written by:

Kymberli Roberson

Produced by:

Lana Spehar, Kristina Moschella


Michelle Randall, Lana Spehar

Screened at:

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