Mountains and Seas – The Village of Mud

Mountains and Seas – The Village of Mud


Hong Kong



Mountains and Seas is an animation based on the classic Chinese ancient text named Classic Of Mountains And Seas. The story follows the adventure of Mike Cheung, Stone, and Wong. In this animation, they came to the 【The Village of Mud】, what will happen? Let’s enter the world of Mountains and Seas!


Nic Ho

Nic HO is an animation creator. His short animations include MOUNTAINS AND SEAS, BEHIND THE SCHOOLBAG, DAP PANG MAN have received numerous awards, including an Animation Gold Award at the IFVA and Hong Kong ICT Awards, Silver Award of Digicon6 Asia. was officially elected by Annecy Animation Festival, Animac, Clermont Film Festival, Cartoon on the Bays, ZLÍN International Film Festival, Taichung International Animation Festival, etc.

Written by:

Nic Ho

Produced by:

Ivana Lai


Nic Ho, Nic Ho

Head of Animation: Knifeson Yu

Screened at:

Animation session 2

Cinema Albéniz
Room 6
11:00 hrs

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