Never (Nunca)

Never (Nunca)





Love beyond time and events. El amor más allá del tiempo y sus acontecimientos.


Josep Rodglá, J. D. Granados

Josep Rodglá is a scriptwriter and director from Valencia. He began to study in Valencia, his hometown, and then moved to Zaragoza to expand his knowledge of audiovisual and TV. To finish his stage as a student he applied to ESCAC where he directed "Código Silencio" as a final project. A short film that places us in the Spanish Civil War and tries to show how far the value of friendship can go in the worst moments. After completing his studies in screenwriting and directing in 2016, he had the opportunity to start directing outside the universities. Since then Josep has directed three short films, including "La mente de Sagel", which takes us back to the 1980s with a touch of E. T. and the premise that something extraordinary happens to a child in an ordinary place. The short film was nominated at several international festivals and was the gateway to his next project in 2018, "The Guardian in the Mirror" "The Guardian in the Mirror" was released at the Madrid Film Festival and is a fantasy thriller that talks about dual personalities and power struggles. In this short film, which delves into the psychological aspect, we can see similarities with all the previous ones. "Never" shot in the middle of a pandemic has given a complete turn to the style of recent short films and takes us back to the 1930s but this time with a small and intimate love story that shows the importance of what is most important. Josep is currently developing his debut opera "Los Silencios de Marc" and is immersed in the development of "Líbranos del Mal", a thriller about freedom of expression. Josep's films aim to reach all audiences with a message behind each story. Despite the variety of genres, all their projects have one thing in common, the value of friendship and love. J. D. Granados began his path in the arts in Honduras through the study of acting and dramaturgy. He currently holds a Master's degree in audiovisual arts from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. His previous short film, Yibril , a short film about empathy and migration has won the WILDCARD fiction 2016 from the Flemish film fund (VAF), the award for the most important short film in Belgium. Besides, of being selected in more than 15 festivals at international level. With the VAF WILDCARD award, he made in Mexico, his short film LOS VEO, a drama with magical realism that shows us the difficulties that a father of a family has when he wants to escape from the criminal gang for which he works. LOS VEO has just begun its tour of festivals and had its premiere at the Leuven International Short Film Festival 2020, Belgium. J. D. Granados' films tell stories of characteristic characters who have to cope with overwhelming situations. His cinema has characteristics of social criticism trying not to fall into propaganda. In his more personal works, his style includes touches of magical realism with the aim of balancing the beauty of everyday elements with the painful events of his characters.

Written by:

Josep Rodglá, J.D. Granados

Produced by:

Josep Rodglá, Gabriel Soler


Gabriel Soler, Sara Guerrero, Gabriel Molina

Screened at:

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