Noize MC — League of Legend

Noize MC — Лига легенд


Russian Federation



This is a story about the desire for success, about trying to break out of the cycle of poverty and uselessness; about self-confidence and audacity that can pave the way through any adverse circumstances. Moreover the story says that any stop on the way to an unattainable ideal leads to a fall. And as you know the fight with yourself is the most difficult one. Overcoming yourself, you become one step closer to success.


Vitaliy Kapitonov

Vitaliy Kapitonov was born and outgrown in St. Petersburg. He had acquired secondary professional education in the field of construction engineering sector in St. Petersburg and had obtained a degree in the field of construction and architecture in Moscow. After Vitaliy has been working at building sector for five years, he decided to pour himself into the video production. What followed was three years of participation on shootings in movies and advertisement in completely diverse positions: from the camera mechanic to the director and producer. The gathered experience has been permitted him to create his debut documentary film 'Hinterland'. Currently, he focuses on producing and directing music videos for well-known Russian and European artists

Written by:

Vitaliy Kapitonov, Dmitriy Golubev, Kirill Kuznetsov

Produced by:

Vitaliy Kapitonov, Daria Rumyantseva


Noize MC

the singer: Noize MC; Production: Kinemotor Production

Screened at:

Videoclip session 2 Day 1

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

Videoclip session 2 Day 2

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
17:00 hrs

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