Ojos de arena

Ojos de arena





Carla and Gustavo have been separated since she, a forensic psychologist, lost her young son when he was protecting a young woman captured by trafficking. Someone took it away. The photo of a lost baby on the same date, brings them together and they travel to the province. They arrive at the house of Inés and Horacio, the girl’s parents. A seer searches for her kidnapped granddaughter and mistrusts Horacio. Every second hurts like sand in the eyes, although the truth is fright will give light to hope ..


Alejandra Marino

ALEJANDRA MARINO is a screenwriter and director of fiction, documentary and theater. He has made and / or written the films MAKING LIFE, THE SEX OF MOTHERS, FRANZIE, THE GIRLS, HOW TO GET TO PIEDRA BUENA, THE EDGE OF TIME, etc., the Documentary Series FLORES MUJERES MIGRANTES, AMORES, the works SKIN MARKED , WHO SAID IT WAS GOOD, etc., participating in festivals obtaining various awards. Founding member of Acción Mujeres del Cine, partner of GuiónService and Alandar Producciones.

Written by:

Marcela Marcolini, Alejandra Marino

Produced by:

Jorge Rocca


Paula Carruega, Ana Celentano, Joaquín Ferrucci, Victoria Carreras

Cinematographer: Connie Martin; Editing: Liliana Nadal; sound: Pablo Sala; Music: Pablo Sala

Screened at:

Feature Films Premiere from Argentina

Cinema Albéniz
Room 8
19:00 hrs

Catalan Catalan English English Spanish Spanish
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