Open eyes in shadow

Open eyes in shadow





(Lockdown) Opening and closing a door. Opening and closing the eyes. The lighthouses of a shadow illuminate the secret under my bed Like eyes in the shadow. Abrir y cerrar una puerta. Abrir y cerrar los ojos. Los faros de una sombra iluminan el secreto bajo mi cama como ojos en la sombra. screening: 2020 New Year New Work Festival, The Filmmaker Cooperative, NYC 2020 DOBRA Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental, MAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 2020 Muestra INERMEDIACIONES Muestra de videoarte y cine experimental, Medillín, Colombia 2021 Reencontres Internationales Travese Vidéo, Cinematheque Toulouse, France


Rrose Present

“The films of Rrose Present are like haiku: precise, ambiguous, and deeply resonant." Daniel Barnett Rrose's films are precisely honest. Their power derives from the juxtaposition of crisply evocative rhythms and imagery that is both personal and deep. The overall form of many of them is to begin the entrainment of thinking in one direction and then shift direction to carve a precise shape in thought. The levels of introspection this creates are like the stages in discourse.The complexity of the relationship between the direction of thought and the rhythms that propel it are wonderful.” Daniel Barnett Distributor: The Filmakers Cooperative NYC.

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Rrose Present


Music: Oriol Perucho

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Video Creation Finalist session 1

Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
Sala Miguel Marti i Pol
18:00 hrs

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