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Passatempo / Passtime





Benji & Rita presents “Passtime”, Music vídeo that was recorded with contemplative images of nature in Hudson Valley, NY, during the quarantine period. The guitar playing, which brings us to Rachmaninoff’s counterpoints, contributes to a pendulous and questioning melody, which seems to have been the result of a philosophical reverie about time with its transients and uncertainties.


I am a Brazilian Illustrator, animator, singer and composer based in New York. I have been working with animation for over 26 years. My animated films have been honored with the grand prize (Premio de Ouro) in São Paulo’s Colunistas Award, the Best Music Video Award at Cinemafest in NY and the best animation in NYC Indie Festival. I have competed in prestigious international film festivals including Festival of Cannes, Music Brazil Prize (MTV Brazil), Animamundi - Latin America’s premier animation festival, Los Angeles CineFest, Indian Music Video Awards, Girona Film Festival, MusiCanZone FilmFest, among others. At age 11 I began studying animation at one of the most renowned schools for design in São Paulo, Núcleo de Arte, where I graduated by the age of 16. By age 17, I had already begun working professionally with animation at the HGN studio, as assistant animator using traditional animation techniques on paper for the production of Disney TV series such as Winnie the Pooh and Aladdin. From age 19 to 21, I worked at the production company Trattoria, one of the most prominent animation production companies in Brazil. During my time at Trattoria, I used stop motion techniques to illustrate and animate for advertisements and music videos. This experience gave me the opportunity to master After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator. At 21, I became art director, animation director and coordinator/producer of the 2D Animation Department for Vector Zero, the largest computer graphics production company in Latin America. After three years working at Vector Zero I moved on to become senior videographer for the creation of program openings, IDs, campaigns and promos at MTV Brazil. At MTV I expanded my experience with motion design and videography for TV. I soon became a valuable asset to principle Television Networks and Production companies in Brazil, which afforded me the opportunity to participate in hundreds of diverse and rewarding projects. I moved to the United States in 2015 and now I live in New York, where I work on a variety of TV and film projects.

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Direction, photography and animation: Rita Figueiredo; composition, guitar and arrangements: Benji Kaplan; Voice and lyric: Rita Figueiredo

Screened at:

Videoclip session 2 Day 1

Casa de la Cultura Girona
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

Videoclip session 2 Day 2

Casa de la Cultura de Girona
Aula Seminari
17:00 hrs

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