Pecado (Sin)






[EN] “Sin” tells the experiences of a young woman, whose only sin was falling in love with a forbidden man. The song recounts the exciting vicissitudes of a sinner who, without asking, falls into him due to temptations, force majeure and social preconceptions. The video clip is based on the soundtrack of a university short film made in 2019, entitled “El Dolor Del Pecado”. [PT] “Pecado” conta as experiências de uma jovem, cujo único pecado foi se apaixonar por um homem proibido. A canção narra as vicissitudes emocionantes de um pecador que, sem perguntar, cai por causa de tentações, força maior e preconceitos sociais. O videoclipe é baseado na trilha sonora de um curta-metragem universitário realizado em 2019, intitulado “El Dolor Del Pecado”.


Carlos Ramos Fernández, Lina Vargas Ramos

Carlos Andrés Ramos Fernández (b. Ibagué, Colombia). He's an artist, composer, editor and audiovisual producer; he graduated from SENA Regional Tolima and the EFAC Artistic and Cultural Training School, in Colombia. He studied at the Tolima Conservatory. He always liked music, movies and television. His first spaces were the television magazine "Aroma de Folclor" in 2014 and the 2nd. Ibagué Film Festival in 2017. He is currently carrying out his professional studies at the Federal University of Latin American Integration (UNILA) since 2020. Among his filmography as Director and Producer are: Hay Algo (Music Video - 2021), Crónica de un Campesino (False Documentary - 2021), Sin (Music Video - 2020), El Hilo de la Muerte (Short Film Photonovela - 2019), El Dolor del Pecado (Short Film - 2018/19) and Búscame (Music Video - 2014).

Written by:

Carlos Ramos Fernández

Produced by:

Carlos Ramos Fernández


Yerika Nathalia Vargas, Dali Rivera, Jhonathan Prada, Daniel Veloza, Luisa Canizales

Music: Pecado, Charlie Ramos, NT SONGS Co., Carlos A. Ramos, Daniel Veloza / Felipe Barrera

Screened at:

Videoclip session 2 Day 1

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
15:00 hrs

Videoclip session 2 Day 2

Aula Seminari
Aula Seminari
17:00 hrs

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